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Phylum Mollusca > Order Gastropoda
Photo index of snails on Singapore shores
small snails (1-2cm) on and under rocks

periwinkle snail

Nodilittorina trochoides

periwinkle snail

awaiting identification

periwinkle snail


Planaxis snail
Planaxis sulcatus
0.8-1cm. Shell thin with tiny knobs, often bleached white. On boulders near the high water mark. Sometimes seen on some of our shores. 1-2cm. Shells thin, smooth with fine grooves. Colour variable: black to pale with striped pattern. On boulders, mangroves, coastal plants. Commonly seen on many of our shores. 0.8-1cm. Shell thin, more rounded than other periwinkles. Colours variable. On boulders. Sometimes seen on some of our shores. 2-2.5cm. Shell with squarish spiral cords. In small groups on large boulders or seawalls. Commonly seen on our Southern shores.  

Turtle dove snails
Pardalinops testudinaria

Lightning dove snail
Pictocolumbella ocellata

Variegated sundial snail
Heliacus variegatus
1.5-2cm. Shell thick, pale with a net-like pattern of dark thick lines. Under stones. Sometimes seen on some of our Southern shores. 1.5-2cm. Shell thick, black with white or yellow zig-zag stripes. Red or orange ones sometimes seen. On and under stones. Commonly seen in small groups on many of our Southern shores.   1-1.5cm. Shell round with fine ridges, mother of pearl at shell opening. Sometimes seen under stones on some of our shores. 2cm. Shell thick, coiled to form overall conical shape. Operculum conical, resembling a drill. On rocks and rubble. Seldom seen on our shores.

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