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Phylum Mollusca > Class Gastropoda > Family Planaxidae
Planaxis snail
Planaxis sulcatus
Family Planaxidae
updated Oct 2016
Where seen? This large 'groovy' snail with neat spirals in elegant grey or black is seen in groups on large boulders and seawalls. Commonly seen especially on our Southern shores. Usually in active at low tide.

Features: 2-2.5cm. Shell with strong squarish spiral cords (Sulcus means 'grooved'). Colour blackish to cream sometimes with white or yellowish spots. Shell opening wide, inner surface white sometimes with dark purple grooves. Operculum thin, horn-like material and dark coloured. Body pale, small foot with a pale underside dark mottled pattern above, long tentacles with dark bands.

The females have a special brood pouch in the foot where the embryos are reared before they are released into the water.

What does it eat? It grazes on microalgae covering rocky areas.

Sisters Islands, Feb 06

Pulau Jong, Jul 12

Sisters Island, Feb 06

Pulau Semakau, May 08

Planaxis snails on Singapore shores

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Distribution in Singapore on this wildsingapore flickr map

Pulau Jong, Nov 08

Photo shared by Chim Chee Kong on his flickr.

Pulau Senang, Jun 10


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