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Phylum Mollusca > Order Gastropoda
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Spiral melongena
Pugilina cochlidium

Ternate false fusus
Hemifusus ternatanus

Telescopium telescopium

Giant top shell
Tectus niloticus

Tun shell snail
Family Tonnidae
8-12cm. Shell with long siphonal canal, in living snail usually obscured by mud, teardrop-shaped operculum. On muddy shores, especially with seagrasses. Commonly seen on our Northern shores. 8-12cm. Shell with very long siphonal canal, teardrop-shaped operculum. On muddy shores, especially with seagrasses. Rarely seen, on our Northern shores. 8-15cm. Shell conical, heavy. Body black with long proboscis. Commonly seen in muddy areas in and near mangroves. 8-15cm, base diameter. Shell conical, heavy. On boulders, sea walls, jetties, near good reefs. Sometimes seen on our Southern shores. 9-10cm. Shell thin with short spire and large shell opening. Sandy shores in deeper water. Rarely seen.

Grey bonnet snail
Phalium glaucum

Noble volute
Cymbiola nobilis

Cone snail

Family Conidae

Baler volute
Melo melo
8-12cm. Shell helmet shaped, smooth, grey without any markings. Sandy areas. Sometimes seen on some of our shores. 12-20cm. Shell thick, yellow or beige with orange, red or brown zig-zag patterns. Body black with orange spots and long siphon. Sandy areas near seagrasses and coral rubble. Commonly seen on our Northern shores, sometimes on our Southern shores. 5-10cm. Shell heavy, conical like an ice-cream cone. But some have pointed tips or are olive-shaped. Shell opening a narrow slit. Reefs, rocky shores. Live ones rarely seen. HIGHLY DANGEROUS. Do not handle. 15-20cm. Shell thin, plain orange sometimes with a spiral of brown patterns. Body dark brown with white stripes, large foot and long siphon. Coral rubble. Sometimes seen on some of our Northern shores.  

Fig snail
Ficus variegata

Tiger cowrie

Cypraea tigris

Spider conch
Lambis lambis

Ramosus murex
Chicoreaus ramosus
8-10cm. Shell thin with short spire and large shell opening. Shell covered by two mantle flaps, large foot, long siphon, no operculum in adult. Burrowing in soft silty sand. Sometimes seen on some of our shores. 8-9cm, can reach 15cm. Shell smooth oval to pear-shaped, with lots of dark spots. Underside white including the 'teeth'. The mantle pattern resembles tiger stripes. Near living reefs. Rarely seen, on our Southern shores.   10-20cm. Shell heavy with 6 spines on the outer lip, shell opening is glossy pink or orange. Coral rubble areas near living reefs. Commonly seen on our Southern shores.

20-30cm long, thick heavy shell with short 'frilly' or leafy spines, usually white. Rubble and seagrass meadows. Rarely seen.

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