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Phylum Mollusca > Class Gastropoda > sea slugs > Order Cephalaspidea > Family Aglajidae
Black tailed-slug
Chelidonura sp.*
Family Aglajidae

updated May 2020

Where seen? This small black slug is sometimes seen on some of our shores, burrowing among seagrasses and near living reefs.

Features: 1-2cm. A long, cylindrical body that appears to be made up of two parts. A pair of 'tails', one a lot longer and narrower than the other. It has a tiny internal shell. Included here are slugs that are all black and those that are black with speckles and other touches of colour.

Cyrene Reef, Feb 12

Cyrene Reef, Feb 12

Cyrene Reef, Feb 12

Black tailed slug (Chelidonura sp.)

*Species are difficult to positively identify without close examination.
On this website, they are grouped by external features for convenience of display.

Black tailed-slugs on Singapore shores
On wildsingapore flickr

Other sightings on Singapore shores

East Coast (PCN), Nov 21
Photo shared by Loh Kok Sheng on facebook.

Chek Jawa, Jun 23
Photo shared by Kelvin Yong on facebook.

Cyrene Reef, Dec 13
Photo shared by Loh Kok Sheng on flickr.

Cyrene Reef, Dec 12
Photo shared by Loh Kok Sheng on flickr.

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