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Photo index of brown seaweeds on Singapore shores
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brown seaweed

Colpomenia sinuosa

Perforated brown

Hydroclathrus sp.
Long stems (to about 20cm) with air bladders and leaf-like blades (1-5cm long). The 'leaves' range from small and spiny to large and smooth edged. On rocks and coral rubble. Commonly seen on our Southern shores. Short upright stems (to about 8cm) with triangular or conical blades. On rocks and coral rubble facing strong waves and currents. Commonly seen on undisturbed Southern shores near good reefs. 2-10cm. Bubbles or sheets with bubble-like lobes. On coral rubble. Sometimes seen on some of our shores.   10-15cm. Fleshy narrow strips perforated regularly with holes, in contorted clumps. Sometimes seen in shallow sandy lagoons.

Bracket brown seaweed
Lobophora variegata
    Resembles bracket fungi. Thin, flat hard disks about 4-6cm across, edges paler slightly ruffled. On coral rubble. Sometimes seen on some of our shores. Each funnel 3-5cm in diameter, several fans in a bunch. Golden brown, beige or dark brown. On rocks or coral rubble. Commonly seen on many of our shores, especially our Southern shores.  

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