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Photo index of brown seaweeds on Singapore shores
Sheets, ribbons

Broad strap'
brown seaweed

Stypopodium zonale
Flat strap-like stems (to 10-15cm long) that branch on one plane forming Y-shapes with rounded or squarish tips. No prominent midrib or veins. On coral rubble. Sometimes seen on many of our shores. Each blade about 6-8cm long, sometimes with bluish or violet patches. Entire seaweed usually ball-shaped. On coral rubble. Sometimes seen on Sentosa and Labrador. Flat blades 6-8cm long, branching into equal widths. With prominent mid-rib vein. On coral rubble. Sometimes seen on some of our shores. 10-15cm long about 2cm wide, branching with square tips. No mid-rib. On coral rubble. Sometimes seen on our Southern shores.  

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