Phylum Porifera
Barrel sponge
Xestospongia testudinaria*
Family Petrosiidae
updated Feb 13

Where seen? This maroon barrel-shaped sponge is sometimes seen on many of our shores, near and in reefs.

Features: Large ones have a deep cavity in the centre so they are generally vase- or barrel-shaped. The inside of the cavity has an uneven and rough texture. The outside may be smooth, bumpy or with regular fingers, ridges or 'wings'. Younger, smaller ones may be tall hollow tubes. Often several 'vases' of various sizes and shapes are found together emerging from what appears to be a common base. Those on the intertidal are about 10-20cm in diameter and about 10-20cm tall. But it is said that those found in deeper waters can grow to more than 1m tall. It is maroon to pinkish and the 'opening' of the
barrel may be paler to white.

The outside of the sponge is often covered with tiny beige Spionid sponge worms (Family Spionidae).

Sometimes synaptid sea cucumbers are also seen draped on the outside.

It it not correct to refer to this sponge as the Neptune's cup sponge, which is another much larger sponge (Cliona patera).

Chek Jawa, Jan 02

Shapes range from fingers, hollow tubes
to large vase shapes.

Large animals find shelter inside the 'vase'
Beting Bronok, Jun 03

Sponge synaptid sea cucumbers
on the outside of the sponge.
Tuas, Aug 04

Coated with Spionid sponge worms on the outside.
Chek Jawa, Jun 06

St. John's Island, Apr 12
Inside the cavity, texture is uneven and rough.

Beting Bronok, Jun 12

Pulau Semakau, Aug 08

Barrel sponges on Singapore shores

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more photos of barrel sponges on Singapore shores

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