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Call for new wildlife trade rules
By Helen Briggs BBC Online 31 Oct 05

Rainforest conservation worth the cost, University of Alberta shows Eurekalert 31 Oct 05

Rainforest conservation worth the cost, University of Alberta shows Eurekalert 31 Oct 05

Avian flu danger: Please don't feed the birds
Letter from Margaret Tan (Miss)
Straits Times Forum Online 31 Oct 05

No proof of link between cats and bird flu
Letter from Dawn Kua Director of Operations Cat Welfare Society Today Online 31 Oct 05

World Animal Day event spreads message of care, responsibility By May Wong Channel NewsAsia 30 Oct 05

Shower a minute less and you save 10 litres
By Radha Basu The Straits Times 29 Oct 05

Singapore remains free from bird flu, dead mynahs found poisoned: AVA By Pearl Forss Channel NewsAsia 29 Oct 05

Relax the rules. Don't deprive anglers the joys of fishing
Letter from Teh Boon Hong Straits Times Forum Online 29 Oct 05

Bioneers Southeast Forum: Scientists and engineers apply nature's design to human problems By Jane Sanders Eurekalert 28 Oct 05

How to stop bird flu
By Jacques Diouf, FAO Director-General
UN FAO website 28 Oct 05

Riding the Tide - Experts Chart a Course for Marine Protected Areas IUCN website 28 Oct 05

Space designs from ants and squirrels
BBC News 28 Oct 05

Make the difference for the environment
Today Online 28 Oct 05

Singapore on track for Green Plan 2012: ENV Minister
By Pearl Forss Channel NewsAsia 28 Oct 05

AVA ups checks on migratory birds to keep avian flu at bay
By Valarie Tan Channel NewsAsia 27 Oct 05

New Science study: Mangroves shielded communities against tsunami Eureka Alert 27 Oct 05

Dubai's Man-Made Islands Anger Environmentalists
Story by Andrew Hammond PlanetArk 27 Oct 05

Lift the ban on dogs in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
Letter from Goh Ee Kiat Straits Times Forum Online 27 Oct 05

Clean and Green Week campaign to engage at least 250,000 people By Rita Zahara Channel NewsAsia 26 Oct 05

New protected areas for Papua New Guinea
WWF website 26 Oct 05

Protect nature to prevent disease, experts say
Story by Alister Doyle, Environment Correspondent
PlanetArk 25 Oct 05

ASEAN countries pave way for world's largest wildlife law enforcement network TRAFFIC website 25 Oct 05

Half of all coral reefs in danger, experts warn
Global warming cited; U.S. warns of major event in Caribbean
The Associated Press MSNBC website 25 Oct 05
Marine protected areas make coral reefs more resilient to climate change IUCN website 25 Oct 05

Singaporeans support energy efficiency measures - survey Channel NewsAsia 25 Oct 05

Australia wins praise for Great Barrier Reef protection plan
Channel NewsAsia 24 Oct 05
Plan to protect the Great Barrier Reef recognized as a Gift to the Earth WWF website 24 Oct 05

Nations urged to "Think as Big as the Oceans are Vast"
IUCN website 24 Oct 05

EU launches plan to protect marine environment
Written by AOIFE WHITE PlanetSave 24 Oct 05

Menu prices track fishing impact
BBC Online 23 Oct 05

Earthquake Dramatizes Human Ecological Assault on the Himalayas By Denis D. Gray, Associated Press
ENN website 24 Oct 05

Britain suspects bird flu infection originated from Taiwan
Channel NewsAsia 24 Oct 05

Britain calls for EU ban on wild birds after parrot dies of bird flu Channel NewsAsia 23 Oct 05

Japanese inventor grows plants on porous lava stones
Channel NewsAsia 23 Oct 05

Volunteers test Singapore's waterways in World Water Monitoring Day By Dominique Loh Channel NewsAsia 22 Oct 05

Culling wild birds to stop bird flu 'dangerous and wrong': BirdLife International People and Planet 22 Oct 05

Sick pigeons a worry
Letter from Azman Abdullah
Straits Times Forum Online 21 Oct 05

Bird flu puts pressure on vulnerable species
Reuters MSNBC website 20 Oct 05

Is bird flu in Europe linked to migratory birds?
Melanie Yip, Perspective Radio Singapore International 15 Oct 05

The dirty air in your car
By Dawn Quek Today Online 20 Oct 05
Air quality website to help Singaporeans keep car cabins healthy By Rita Zahara Channel NewsAsia 19 Oct 05

Saving the Planet at Flick of Switch
By Jeremy Lovell, Reuters ENN website 20 Oct 05
US says Fans, other Appliances must use Less Energy
Story by Lisa Lambert PlanetArk 19 Oct 05

Red carpet for 'green' people
Lee U-Wen Today Online 20 Oct 05
Singapore to host UN environmental award "Champions of the Earth" By Yvonne Cheong Channel NewsAsia 19 Oct 05

Global Warming Takes Toll on Africa's Coral Reefs
PlanetArk 19 Oct 05

Alexandra Hospital garden has plants that heal, thrill or kill
By Margaret Perry Channel NewsAsia 16 Oct 05

Care-for-Nature stamp series dedicated to the Tree Top Walk
By Rita Zahara Channel NewsAsia 15 Oct 05

Buzzing over dengue
Yvonne Lim Voices Editor Today Online 15 Oct 05

killing machines?
Experts dread the day a human with flu meets a bird that is sick
Tan Hui Leng Today Online 15 Oct 05

Ovitraps effective in destroying mosquito larvae
By Hasnita A Majid Channel NewsAsia 14 Oct 05

Their eggs can survive 6 months without water
Ansley Ng ansley@newstoday.com.sg Today Online 13 Oct 05
Dengue-carrying mosquito evolves super resistance: report Channel NewsAsia 12 Oct 05

Seaweed yields new compounds with pharmaceutical potential Jane M. Sanders Eurekalert 12 Oct 05

China Bear Bile Farmer Eaten by own Animals
PlanetArk, 12 Oct 05

Environmental Decay may Prompt Refugee Surge - Study
Story by Alister Doyle Planet Ark 12 Oct 05

S'pore's Captain Planet Greenie high-flyer to attend UN Forum
By Teh Jen Lee The Electric New Paper 11 Oct 05

Biologist Discovers New Species of Lizard
By Associated Press ENN website 11 Oct 05

Wetlands International Position Statement on Avian Influenza Wetlands International 10 Oct 05 from nature-singapore

Go 'caesar' for more green cars
P Raveentheran Today Online 10 Oct 05

Amazon Rainforest Suffers Worst Drought in Decades
Story by Terry Wade Planet Ark 11 Oct 05

Global warming drying out source of China's mighty Yellow River Channel NewsAsia 10 Oct 05

Sandcastle Building Centre to be built at East Coast Park
By Wong Siew Ying Channel NewsAsia 8 Oct 05

Global Warming to Hit Migratory and Static Species
Story by Jeremy Lovell Planet Ark 6 Oct 05

"Bird Flu" Similar to Deadly 1918 Flu, Gene Study Finds
by Brian Handwerk for National Geographic News
National Geographic 5 Oct 05

Support for reef-building project in restricted waters
Letter from John Hooi Yin Cheong Consultant Fishingkaki.com Straits Times Forum Online 6 Oct 05

Restore nature's balance to fix Aedes mosquito problem
Letter from YiJin Woo Selangor, Malaysia
The Straits Times Forum Online 5 Oct 05

Bats Passed SARS Virus to Civet Cats - China Expert
PlanetArk 5 Oct 05

It's now twice as nice to go green
Lee U-Wen Today Online 4 Oct 05

Feathers ruffled but Singapore’s eco-dump wins fans
by Sonia Kolesnikov-Jessop
The South China Morning Post 3 Oct 05

Set up marine parks offshore
Letter from Dr Geh Min President Nature Society (Singapore)
The Straits Times Forum Online 3 Oct 05

Shark extinction remains a real threat
Letter from Wu Tzong Kwang
Straits Times Forum Online 3 Oct 05

That's the spirit! (Volunteering in Singapore)
Lee U-Wen Today Online 3 Oct 05

More research needed on SARS bat link: expert
Channel NewsAsia 1 Oct 05

Laws can't keep up with surge in exotic pets--or irresponsible owners By The Asahi Shimbun Channel NewsAsia, 1 Oct 05

Protecting the turtles of the Turtle Islands
WWF website 30 Sep 05

S'pore may soon have fuel cells that need no recharging
By Loh Kim Chin Channel NewsAsia 30 Sep 05

More Evidence Links SARS to Bats
Story by Maggie Fox PlanetArk 30 Sep 05

Chile Group Calls for Salmon Farm Moratorium
PlanetArk 30 Sep 05

Bats a 'likely source' of Sars
By Richard Black BBC Online, 29 Sep 05

Avian flu: blame factory farming, says report
People and Planet website 29 Sep 05

Lack of animal model an obstacle in developing anti-dengue drugs By Hasnita A Majid Channel NewsAsia 28 Sep 05

Bukit Timah reserve to get new nature park
By Goh Chin Lian The Straits Times 27 Sep 05

Rock pool sponge may fight cancer
BBC Online 27 Sep 05

Trader fined $56,000 for smuggling clams, corals
The Straits Times 26 Mar 05

Record fine for smuggling sea gems
The New Paper 27 Sep 05

Re-opening of tiger trade in China spells disaster, says WWF and TRAFFIC WWF website 26 Sep 05

Smallest Creatures in Ocean Hold Valuable Secrets
Story by Anna Mudeva PlanetArk 27 Sep 05

WWF hooks up with Norwegian fishing company to save marine turtles WWF website 26 Sep 05

ASEAN meetings on environment to be held in Manila
By Rita Zahara Channel NewsAsia 26 Sep 05
Southeast Asian officials discuss ways to shield agriculture from bird flu, other threats
Written by Jim Gomez PlanetSave 26 Sep 05

Caribbean Corals Hit by Warm, Storm-Spawning Seas
Story by Alister Doyle Planet Ark 26 Mar 05

Millions of animals face death sentence in Australia
Channel NewsAsia 25 Sep 05

Milky storks facing extinction in Malaysia
New Sunday Times, Malaysia, 25 Sep 05
on the ecologyasia website

Go greener, please
Letter from Marilyn Khng Wan Gek
Letter from Rachel Chan Today Online 26 Sep 05

Mean and green in S'pore
Today Online 24 Sep 05

Back to Nature More Singaporeans are swapping the concrete jungle for the green one on weekends Today Online 24 Sep 05

US launches campaign against Asian wildlife trade amid bird flu threat Channel NewsAsia 24 Sep 05

AVA, private firm to develop tracking system for farmed fish
By Johnson Choo Channel NewsAsia 23 Mar 05

Super Solar Homes Everyone Can Afford
From Mother Earth News magazine
by Amanda Griscom Little ENN website 22 Sep 05

Don't wait till you're rich. Make recycling a way of life now
Letter from Lew Yin Choo (Mdm)
Straits Times Online Forum 21 Sep 05

NParks steps up plant pruning to rid mosquito-breeding spots
By Valarie Tan Channel NewsAsia 20 Sep 05

Unwise to cut trees just to tackle dengue problem
Letter from Chong Chee Seng
Straits Times Online Forum 20 Sep 05

Young Malaysian Trash Pickers Make Turtle Nesting Beaches Pristine as Part of Global Cleanup By Vijay Joshi, Associated Press ENN website 19 Sep 05

Many Islands "Gone," Wetlands Gutted After Katrina, Experts Say Adrianne Appel National Geographic website 19 Sep 05

Gulp! Indian State Fights Dengue with Fish
PlanetArk 19 Sep 05

Shark Attacks Spark "Kill or Be Killed" Debate
Story by Michael Perry PlanetArk 19 Sep 05

Pregnancy test link to frog fall
By Richard Black BBC News 18 Sep 05

All HDB estates to have centralised recycling depositories by 2007 By Dominique Loh Channel NewsAsia 17 Sep 05
1,600 recycling stations in HDB estates by 2007
The Straits Times 18 Sep 05

Frogs and toads can help to fight mosquitoes
Letter from Seah Leong Khai
Straits Times Forum Online 17 Sep 95

Honduran dilemma
Profitable prawn farms: is there an environmental cost?
by James Menendez BBC website 16 Sep 05

The power of food (Recycling food waste)
Lee U-Wen Today Online 16 Sep 05

Forget shark's fin soup Support the environmentalist
Letter from Lee Seck Kay Straits Times Forum Online 16 Sep 05

Forget shark's fin soup Support the environmentalist
Letter from Lee Seck Kay Straits Times Forum Online 16 Sep 05

Cutting waste is the key goal
Incineration of waste by NEA is done safely
Letter from Ong Seng Eng Head, Resource Conservation Department, National Environment Agency (NEA) Today Online 16 Sep 05

Mozzie 'hotels' not a good idea
If neglected, they could turn into breeding grounds
Letter from S Satish Appoo Head, Environmental Health Department National Environment Agency Today Online 16 Sep 05

Take a leaf from HK's book in dengue fight
Letter from Winston Chew Choon Teck
Straits Times Forum Online 16 Sep 05

NParks considers removing trees, plants which may breed mosquitoes By Pearl Forss Channel NewsAsia, 15 Sep 05

'Warming link' to big hurricanes
By Helen Briggs BBC News science reporter BBC 15 Sep 05
Hurricanes Are Getting Stronger, Study
John Roach National Geographic, 15 Sep 05

Investing in the Environment Gives “Big Bang for Your Buck”
UNEP website, 14 Sep 05

Investing in the Environment Yield High Returns
IUCN website, 15 Sep 05

Spending on Environment Yields Big Returns - Report
Story by Alister Doyle, Environment Correspondent
PlanetArk website, 15 Sep 05

Enlist mosquito's natural enemies to fight dengue
Letter from Loh Kwek Leong
Straits Times Forum Online 15 Sep 05

Try new method to curb dengue outbreak
Letter from Dr E. Nugroho Batam
Straits Times Forum Online 15 Sep 05

Warning: Do not try this at home Desperate times demand offbeat solutions as world watches S'pore vs mosquito
by Tan Hui Leng Today Online 15 Sep 05

Recycling can start from homes
Letter from Leonard Leng Qi An Straits Times Forum Online 15 Sep 05

Time for LTA to review rules on diesel-powered cars
Letter from Dr Benny Lim Jit Biaw Straits Times Forum Online 15 Sep 05

Some fuel for thought Use ethanol fuel in cars instead of non-renewable source-based propane
Letter from Noel Mahesan Today online 15 Sep 05
Ban driving once a week Rotating enforced rest days can help reduce number of vehicles on road
Letter by John Lucas Today Online 14 Sep 05

India to keep close watch on migratory birds for deadly flu
Channel NewsAsia, 14 Sep 05

Not so green, this Garden City
Interview with SEC's Executive Director Howard Shaw
Today online 14 Sep 05

Two Decades of Protecting the Ozone Layer to be Marked
UNEP website 13 Sep 05

Animals and pets set free in the wild create problems
Letter from Vanessa Neranjani Muhundan
Straits Times Forum Online 13 Sep 05

Cost savings from using fewer plastic grocery bags
Letter from Goh Si Guim Straits Times Forum Online 13 Sep 05

Is the solution really that simple? (To the plastic bag problem)
Letter from Preeti Athavle Today Online 13 Sep 05

Coral reefs need help to restore themselves
Letter by Dr Chou Loke Ming
Straits Times Forum Online 12 Sep 05

Bats found to carry SARS-like virus, Hong Kong researchers find AFP Channel NewsAsia, 11 Sep 05

When a little child decided to save plastic bags
Letter from irene tan and from liu i-chun Today online 10 Sep 05

Boost for NTU's green research
by Lee U-Wen Today online 9 Sep 05

Switch from diesel to CNG fails to click
By Christopher Tan The Straits Times 9 Sep 05

'Geotubes’ fail to halt erosion in Johor
R. Sittamparam New Straits Times 7 Sep 05

Fighting Aedes mosquitoes: Use breed-and-destroy method Letter from David Tio Pee Jin
Straits Times Forum online and Today online 8 Sep 05

They can check in, but ...
Letter from Dr Ng Swee Ching Today Online 9 Sep 05

It's time for govt to give more incentives for green vehicles
Letter from S. Renganathan
Straits Times Forum online 8 Sep 05

Fly fishing and saving the environment
Letter by Tan Yik, with 53 signatories.
Straits Times Forum online 8 Sep 05

Let passengers bring bicycles on MRT trains
Letter from Jeanette Leong (Ms)
Straits Times Forum online 8 Sep 05

SMRT not encouraging people to go green
Letter from Mark Tee Teng Yong
Straits Times Forum online 8 Sep 05

Stop using plastic bags for a month to promote green habit
Letter from Damien Heng Teng Wei
Straits Times Forum online 8 Sep 05

Water Crisis Looms as Himalayan Glaciers Melt
By Sugita Katyal ENN 7 Sep 05

Better to leave natural coral reefs untouched
Letter from Nature Society (Singapore)
ST Forum online 7 Sep 05

Shark's fin soup: Can govt take lead to save sharks?
Letter from Low Wai Mun ST Forum online 7 Sep 05

Five youths recognised for outstanding contributions to the environment NParks website 6 Sep 05

WHO repeats warning of rapid bird flu spread
Channel NewsAsia, 6 Sep 05

Scientist scours globe for largest freshwater fish in bid to save Earth's giants
Written by Miranda Leitsinger PlanetSave, 6 Sep 05

Hundreds of orang-utans captured or killed each year in Kalimantan, new report show
WWF and TRAFFIC websites 6 Sep 05

What’s your marine ecosystem worth?
IUCN website, 5 Sep 05

Cut trash – charge for plastic bags
Letter from Liu I-Chun Today online 6 Sep 05

Charging for trash bags can only help recycling efforts
Letter from Christina Lee Li Nan Today online, 7 Sep 05

Make that green swap: Start using durable bags instead of plastic ones Reply from ONG SENG ENG Head, Resource Conservation Department, National Environment Agency (NEA) Today online, 9 Sep 05

New UNEP Guidebook on Producing Effective Environmental Campaigns UNEP website 5 Sep 05

Too Many People in Nature's Way
Experts Say; 'We Think We're Safe and We're Not'
By Charles J. Hanley, Associated Press Environment News Network 5 Sep 05

Climate food crisis 'to deepen'
By Jonathan Amos BBC News science reporter BBC 5 Sep 05

Bird flu risks spreading to Europe and beyond after ravaging Asia Channel NewsAsia, 5 Sep 05

Give native plants, local wildlife more space
Straits Times Forum online 5 Sep 05

More can be done to go paperless and cut waste
Straits Times Forum online 5 Sep 05

Impose tax on plastic grocery bags to save environment
Straits Times Forum online 5 Sep 05

Work starts on new SAF camp in Tekong Site will double available training area, with less need to train overseas
By David Boey The Straits Times 5 Sep 05

PUB hopes to get public participation in preservation of reservoirs By Johnson Choo Channel NewsAsia 4 Sep 05

Lessons from Boston's Charles River for PUB
By Johnson Choo Channel NewsAsia 3 Sep 05

Asian peat fires add to warming
By Paul Rincon BBC News science reporter BBC 3 Sep 05

'World must wake up to lessons of Katrina'
People and Planet 3 Sep 05

New Orleans disaster serves up tough lesson on environment Channel NewsAsia 2 Sep 05

Rising fuel costs and the impact on Singaporean motorists
Radio Singapore International 1 Sep 05

The Future of Golf: How Green are Your Greens?
by Paul Spencer Sochaczewski WildAsia website 1 Sep 05

Apes 'extinct in a generation'
By Richard Black BBC News website environment correspondent BBC News website, 1 Sep 05
Poverty Will Make the Great Apes History World’s First Atlas of Great Apes reveals human struggle behind apes’ plight UNEP website, 1 Sep 05
Atlas Highlights Plight of World's Great Apes Story by Jeremy Lovell PlanetArk, 1 Sep 05 New

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