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A shore doomed to reclamation

Just outside Underwater World is a natural shore with a living reef, seagrasses and a sandy shore. In a bay under the cable car tower large corals were seen, a sea horse, frogfish, rare sand dollars and other plants and animals on the red list were encountered. Here are some of the main sightings made during a few visits.

This stretch of natural shore is affected by reclamation for the Sentosa Integrated Resort project.
At that time we thought to ourselves: Will we lose the shore even before we know what is there?

Soon we found out that sadly, the answer was yes.
Reclamation work began in Jul 07 and one-third of smaller corals are being relocated.
very large living corals
living reefs right outside underwater world!

sea horse, photo by yuchen

rare sand dollar
enormous euphyllia corals
closeup of euphyllia corals
hard coral
hard coral hard coral hard coral mushroom coral
Photos of Sentosa shores slated for reclamation. Make your own badge here.

Sentosa Integrated Resort compilation of media articles
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Media articles and other news on the Sentosa IR reclamation

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Besides the shores, forests are also affected by development for the Integrated Resort
Extinct, rare and endangered plants including on Sentosa
Losing a green lung: sentosa forest
Not just 'a few plants'
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