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Kusu Reefwalk
with the Blue Water Volunteers

Guided walks

"Don't need to swim! Don't need to dive!" the Blue Water Volunteers exclaim, "Our wild and wonderful coral reefs are just too exciting to be enjoyed by divers only! ReefWalk was initiated in 2004 to introduce all Singapore residents (and some visitors) to the marine life found on our Southern Shores. Non-swimmers are most welcome, expect to get wet only to around your ankles at most."

Photos of past reefwalks

From the sandy beaches of touristy Kusu Island ...

To the amazing coral reefs found just inside the swimming lagoon!

For the young and young-at-heart!

Depends on low tides not necessarily on a weekend.

One-hour walking tour on the intertidal shore and coral reefs of Kusu Island.

Trail grade?
Suitable for children, but not very young or very old people. Check with organisers for more details.

Pre-registration required more details on the Blue Water Volunteers website


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