Agriculture at Ubin

Vast areas in the eastern portion of Ubin had been cleared for rubber plantations. Rubber tapping ended in the 1980's when Singapore lost out to cheaper rubber sources elsewhere. The trees remain, obscured by the natural forest that has regrown in the abadoned plantations.

In the 1970's there were efforts to cultivate orchids on a large scale but these were not successful.

Ubin residents started fruit orchards of durian, rambutans, jackfruit among others. Coconut plantations were also popular. Some of these are still gathered and sold at Ubin Town during the fruiting season.

Fishing and seafood farming were other agricultural endeavours. Kelongs once flourished on the shores of Ubin. Traditional prawn farming using tidal changes was also popular. Freshwater foodfishes were also cultivated in ponds. Tropical aquarium fish were also once farmed on Ubin.

Now, about 60 floating fish farms are located off the shores of Pulau Ubin, where fingerling foodfishes are raised in pens to marketable size.


Ubin's durians are much sought after!

Rambutans and other Ubin-grown fruits
are oftensold near Ubin Jetty
when they are in season.

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