Western Route at Ubin

The long Western Route takes you west off Ubin Town along Jalan Jelutong, then Jalan Endut Senin to Jalan Wat Siam. Retrace your steps to return to Town.

Some of the major sights on your journey West include

Ubin Town: the heart of Ubin

The Community Centre (now the Ubin Volunteer Hub) and Basketball Court was the centre of Ubin village activities in the past. The Basketball Court is still a major meeting point for larger groups visiting Ubin.

The public toilets are just past the Basketball Court.

Along the shady Jalan Jelutong, you will pass a scenic view of Pekan Quarry, where herons sometimes rest in numbers on the drowned trees. At the junction take Jalan Endut Senin, downhill along a coconut lined road.

Bukit Puaka, the tallest point of Ubin lies on this road. The entrance to the trail up the hill is not marked as visits are not encouraged.

On Westward brings you past the distinctive exhortation to stop and have a cold drink. This has become a landmark. There are herbal gardens around the home, and just across the road, a lovely view of Ubin Granite Quarry with benches placed just so you can enjoy it.

At the bridge over Sungei Puaka is a quaint drink stop with cold coconuts and other refreshing drinks. There is also an old style outhouse (toilet) over the river with a precarious walkway that most people can't resist exploring.

The road winds past more mangroves, through fruit orchards and past some grasslands and a Chinese graveyard.

The rest of the island westwards is Outward Bound Singapore.

Pekan Quarry.

View from Bukit Puaka.

Buy a drink la!

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