Ubin Community Centre
now the Ubin Volunteer Hub

The Community Centre started as a community hall made of zinc and wood built in 1961 with contributions from residents.

In 1966 it was converted into a Community Centre. In addition to community activities, kindergarten classes were also held there. The CC was renovated in 1993.

The basketball court in front of the CC also hosted movie screenings for residents. This has since been converted to a covered area and is now called the Assembly Area. Its roof is now used for solar panels and is part of the Ubin Micro-grid.

In 2006, the CC was converted into the Ubin Volunteer Hub housing Ubin NParks offices as well as facilities for all volunteer groups working on Pulau Ubin.

The old Community Centre
is now the NParks office and Volunteer Hub.

The old basketball court
is now called the Assembly Area.

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