Pulau Ubin: tips for visitors

Proper preparation always makes for a more enjoyable trip.
Here are some general preparations for a day trip.

Although Ubin is a peaceful and quiet place, do take the usual precautions.
  • Obey all traffic signs and rules. Be especially careful when it is raining or getting dark.
  • When cycling: use protective gear, ensure your bicycle is in good working condition before setting off. Use only designated roads and tracks, and keep to the left, in a single file.
  • Heed all warning signs.
  • Don't swim in areas not designated for swimming. Quarries and sluice gates are particularly treacherous places.
  • Don't leave valuables unattended.
  • Water from public toilets and wells are not suitable for drinking or bathing.

Consult NParks if you are planning a group activity. They will be able to give you invaluable advise on safety and other issues that will ensure an enjoyable and successful visit. NParks Info Kiosk: 65424108, Office: 65424842/65434734

Campers, don't forget to drop by the Ubin Police Post to register yourself (in case of emergencies, they know that you are on the island) and to get the latest safety briefing.

Emergency numbers
NParks Info Kiosk: 65424108, Office: 65424842/65434734
Pulau Ubin Police Post: 6542 8664 / 9736 9564
Police Coast Guard: 6377 5539/40
Loyang Regional Base: 6546 3236

Heed all safety notices.

Stay on the trails.

Plan your route.

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