Ubin micro-grid

Since Oct 2013, the Ubin Micro-grid provided a more environmentally friendly electricity generation system for Ubin Town. It uses solar and biodiesel to generate electricity in a smart micro-grid. This smart grid and can be monitored in real time on the web. The electricity from the solar panels and biodiesel generators charge gell batteries which results in reliable electricity supply that costs less in the long term than running separate generators with diesel imported from the mainland.

Besides providing cleaner, cheaper energy for Ubin residents and businesses, the energy-storage technologies tested on the micro-grid could in future help to boost Singapore's national grid.

30 businesses and residents there have signed up to tap this greener energy from a micro-grid, in place of the diesel generators they used before. This is a test project carried out by the Energy Market Authority and a consortium of companies. The total project cost is $10 million over 10 years, which is being co-funded by the EMA and the consortium of Daily Life Renewable Energy and OKH Holdings.

The Visitor Centre for the Ubin micro-grid.

Solar panels at the top of
the Assembly Area opposite
HSBC Volunteer Hub

from Ubin, the clean-energy island by Tania Tan & Amresh Gunasingham, Straits Times 8 Nov 08;

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