The Chek Jawa beacon

Chek Jawa has TWO beacons?!

Everyone is familiar with the Beacon which sits in the middle of the water next to the boardwalk. So much so that it has become an icon of Chek Jawa! This beacon is called the Chek Jawa Front Beacon (we can't see this name from the boardwalk as we are standing behind it).

Opposite the Front Beacon, up on the hill, is the Chek Jawa Rear Beacon!

What is the point of this arrangement?

Ships on the sea visually line up the Front and Rear Beacons to help them navigate the Straits of Johor. See the big red dotted line in the navigation map above.

The Front and Rear Chek Jawa beacons from the sea.

The channel between Pulau Ubin and mainland Singapore is a major international shipping lane used by large ships. The channel leads to the shipyards in Loyang and Sembawang; and Pasir Gudang in Johor.

The Chek Jawa Front Beacon
and a large vessel, one of many
that travel this way.

The Chek Jawa Rear Beacon.

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