Schools on Ubin

Bin Kiang School was built in 1952 from funds raised by the Chinese residents of Ubin. At one time, 400 children attended the school. Before this, the wayang stage at Ubin Town served as a classroom. As the number of Ubin residents dwindled and families moved back to the mainland, the school was closed in 1985. Thereafter, the school was used for social gatherings of Ubin residents.

In 1992, the Nature Society (Singapore)'s Education Group held an exhibition at the school to encourage conservation of Ubin. In 1995, the NSS held its EGM-cum-dinner at the school and conducted efforts to renovate the school and convert it into a Field Centre for Environment Education. Unfortunately, the school was demolished in 2000.

There was also a Malay school at Kampung Melayu since the 1950's. It was closed in the late 1970's due to a lack of students.

The Wayang Stage in Ubin Town
still stands.

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