Taxis and vans on Ubin

The demand for taxis started in the 1990s to cater to the worshippers at the distant Thai temple in the middle of the island. In the past, old taxis from the mainland were a common sight on Ubin. Nowadays, modern vans are more common. Some vans are well outfitted with the latest in music technology!

Only a few vans are driven by residents of Ubin. Many van drivers were former Ubin resident who now live on the mainland but commute to the island to provide their service to the quiet tourist trade.

Van drivers are quite knowledgeable about Ubin. They can take you to interesting places and always have interesting stories to tell about Ubin.

Here's a slideshow on how to get around on Pulau Ubin, including taxis

Taxis usually line up at Ubin Jetty
waiting for passengers.

Taxis drivers wait at the
'Taxi Service' stand next to Ubin Jetty.

This area sometimes doubles up
as a fruit stand!.

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  • Chua Ee Kiam, Pulau Ubin: Ours to Treasure, Simply Green, 2000

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