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In Aug 04, the government issued a call on post-65 generation Singaporeans to provide feedback and help create the future Singapore that they want. Here are some media articles about the responses to the call.

List of all articles

Feedback unit to be renamed REACH
By S Ramesh Channel NewsAsia 12 Oct 06

Youth volunteers help Feedback Unit revamp website
Channel NewsAsia, 3 Feb 05

To build trust, 'engage Govt in debate of views'
By Asad Latif The Straits Times, 30 Jan 05

Well-known figures engaged by CDC to galvanise youth
By Li Xueying The Straits Times, 29 Jan 05

Speak up, Tharman tells youths Ask not what you can or cannot do, but do something to make a difference instead by Ho Ai Li The Straits Times, 27 Jan 05

Can civic society ever ACE it here?
NMP Mohan's mission to form an action community for civic society by Tor Ching Li Today 6 Sep 04

Forum ponders how to fire up the young by Chew Seng Kim The Straits Times, 4 Sep 04

Response to youth consultation exercise "extremely encouraging" By Pearl Forss Channel NewsAsia 3 Sep 04

Webchat at breakneck pace with overseas Singaporeans
Views at Chinese-speaking community's feedback session came at more measured pace but ideas aplenty from both By Daryl Loo and Soh Wen Lin The Straits Times, 1 Sep 04

Born or bred identity? NUS students discuss Singapore's national identity Tor Ching Li Today, 1 Sep 04

An open society? We'll see Young Singaporeans sceptical about promised changes Lee Ching Wern Today 25 Aug 04

Easing of Public Speaking Rules in Singapore Lauded, but Will Singaporeans Really Step Up? an interview with Nominated Member-of-Parliament, Chandra Mohan Nair Radio Singapore International , 24 Aug 04

Post-65ers: Which type are you? By Laurel Teo The Straits Times, 21 Aug 04

Youth with a rare passion for Singapore Who, why and how some young people join a political party by Tor Ching Li Today, 21 Aug 04

Govt engages more young S'poreans in cyberspace NewsRadio 93.8 Today, 21 Aug 04

The art of communication: from CCCs to WWW
By Basskaran Nair The Straits Times, 20 Aug 04

S'poreans, speaking up is like buying 4-D If you don't, you definitely won't win. If you do, there is a chance of success and things could change by Siew Kum Hong Today, 17 Aug 04

Young respond swiftly to call for feedback Within a day, e-mail messages have gone to Dr Balakrishnan, who's started plans for six-week gathering of youth views The Straits Times, 17 Aug 04

Govt wants youth views to chart future YOUTH of Singapore: Speak up on how to create a better Singapore By Soh Wen Lin The Straits Times, 16 Aug 04

Youth: Creating Our Future issued by Ministry of Community Development and Sports 14 Aug 04 Press Statement
feedback channel
Reach or email them at reach@reach.gov.sg They can also direct you to the correct people to give your feedback to. Snail mail: SLF Building, #16-01 510 Thomson Road, Singapore 298135

There is a special forum topic on "Air, Sea and Land: My Habitat" set up to discuss the living environment and urban development.
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