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Seagrasses in Singapore, the region and the world including conservation and threats, and dugongs
See also wild shores and global marine issues
sea turtles and dolphins

You CAN make a difference for your seagrasses

  •Learn about your seagrasses (see below)
•Visit your seagrasses at Chek Jawa or Pulau Semakau.


  •Tell your friends, family, colleagues what you've learnt
•Blog about your seagrass trip more
•Write to the authorities, media about seagrasses more

  •Join TeamSeagrass to help monitor our seagrasses
•Volunteer for our shores as a guide and more

For the latest seagrass news
see the Seagrass-Watch website

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Media articles

Marine Conservation Area proposed for Sungei Pulai, Johor
PTP, MNSJ Moot Idea To Gazette Pulau Merambung
Bernama 9 Nov 07

Drought reawakens ailing Southwest Florida estuaries
By Julio Ochoa Naples News 8 Sep 07

Mumford Cove's eelgrass recovery a scientific marvel
By Judy Benson theday.com 7 Aug 07

Experts fear Jatukham fever may endanger dugongs
Phuket Gazette 31 Jul 07

New Report Finds 80 Percent Loss of Coastal Marine Habitats in Europe emediawire 23 Jul 07

Tiger Sharks Keep Seagrass Tidy
Jennifer Viegas Discovery Channel 11 Jul 07

Holy cow
John Lambert, Courier Mail news.com.au 12 May 07

Seagrasses On Rebound
By Mike Salinero Tampa Tribue 24 Apr 07

Manatees could lose 'endangered' status
Yahoo News 9 Apr 07

Saving the Sea Cow
The Bangkok Post SeagrassWatch International 1 Apr 07

Overfishing of Sharks Makes Scallops Vanish - Study
Story by Deborah Zabarenko PlanetArk 30 Mar 07

Nature conservationists focus on seagrass to preserve eco-system By Noor Mohd Aziz Channel NewsAsia 24 Mar 07

Seagrass should be part of March's green celebrations
It cleans our water, supports our economy
news-press.com 24 Mar 07

First aerial survey to map dugong numbers
Apinya Wipatayotin Bangkok Post 14 Feb 07

Algiers Beach becomes Algae Beach
Water infestation troublesome for Sanibel, Lee
By Kevin Lollar News-Press.com 2 Feb 07

Dead dugong causes stir in Langkawi
New Straits Times 25 Jan 07

Man of sod takes on grasses of sea
Times Wires 17 Dec 06

New eelgrass growing techniques would help bays
Article by Tracey Bryant University of Delaware 11 Dec 06

Scientists: Seagrass Ecosystems at a 'Global Crisis'; Elevating Public Awareness 'Critical' underwatertimes 1 Dec 06

Seagrass Is In Decline Worldwide, Says University of New Hampshire Researcher EurekAlert 27 Mar 06

Restoring seagrass beds: Is it for the birds?
Dauphin Island Sea Lab EurekAlert 10 Apr 06

Coralreef fish desperately needs mangrove forests and seagrass fields Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research EurekAlert 15 Nov 02

More that YOU can do ...

Avoid products that damage seagrasses: Many seagrasses in our region are developed to mass produce seafood such as prawns.

Dispose of rubbish properly. Marine debris smother and poison seagrasses and the animals that live there.

Don't discard fishing nets and fishing lines in the sea. These uproot seagrasses and kill animals that live there.

Protect our marine habitats. They are habitats for our seagrasses.

Be a responsible boater. Be careful when travelling near seagrass areas.

Be a responsible diver. Do not damage seagrass areas.

Be a responsible tourist. Visiting a shore with seagrasses? Support seagrass-friendly businesses there. Find out more about the seagrass habitats there and what you can do to help.

being a part
of the problem

being a part
of the solution
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