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Its discovery, its biodiversity, issues and activities on Chek Jawa.

Articles on Chek Jawa
Newspaper and other media reports on Chek Jawa from the Chek Jawa Homepage
particularly just after announcement of deferment of reclamation.
More articles not found on the Chek Jawa homepage.

Other websites on Chek Jawa
School projects
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Books on Chek Jawa
Chek Jawa: Discovering Singapore's Biodiversity by Chua Ee Kiam
No Worms for Dinner-A Story of Marine Life on Chek Jawa by Anna Lois Lai

Background on Chek Jawa (from the Chek Jawa Homepage)
Chek JawaŚLost Forever? about the discovery of Chek Jawa, its biodiversity and issues and activities on Chek Jawa by N. Sivasothi with photos by Alan Yeo in Asian Geographic: The Journal of Our Environment, Sep-Oct 01
Chek JawaŚWet Wonderland by Joseph Lai about the underlying structure of Chek Jawa in Wetlands Vol 8 No 3 Dec 01, a publication of Sungei Buloh Nature Park
Chek JawaŚWhat's so special? by Joseph Lai about the special habitats encompassed in Chek Jawa.
Chek Jawa Days: A Father's Letter Joseph Lai's moving letter to his son about Chek Jawa in Nature Watch Vol 9 No. 3 Jul-Sep 01, a magazine of the Nature Society (Singapore)
Tanjung Chek Jawa: A Treasure to Behold by Chua Sek Chuan and Shawn Lum with photos by Leong Kwok Peng on the biodiversity of Chek Jawa and its potential as an open classroom in Nature Watch Vol 9 No. 3 Jul-Sep 01, a magazine of the Nature Society (Singapore)

More articles on Chek Jawa
Chek Jawa on World Environment Magazine (Adobe Acrobat Reader version)
What's the fuss about Chek Jawa? by Goh Chin Lian on Straits Times 17 Jan 2002: JPG image (632K) of the actual full-colour article on molluscan.com
Saving Chek Jawa editorial in the Straits Times 6 Jan 2002: JPG image (134K) of the actual article on molluscan.com
Loving Chek Jawa to Death by Lydia Lim on Straits Times 29 Dec 2001: JPG image (359K) of the actual full-colour article on molluscan.com
Pulling together to turn the tide by Lydia Lim on Straits Times 29 Dec 2001: JPG image (498K) of the actual full-colour article on molluscan.com; the second page of the article.


Protect Chek Jawa: a pictorial tribute by Chim Chee Kong
Impressions of Chek Jawa by Linda Goh: hotos taken during the RMBR Public Education walk of 20th Oct 2001, amidst a few hundred people.
Chek Jawa on the Raffles Institution website: a slide show of a visit to Chek Jawa
Chek Jawa on the Maris Stellah High School website: from a visit to Chek Jawa
Panoramic shot of Chek Jawa by Kenneth Y T Lim with Kuokchiang Kim on his "Virtually There" website.
Chek Jawa: Sanctuary Saved By Joe Leong: with a video clip of a public tour of Chek Jawa, sound clip of interview with Siva and Kelvin from the Raffles Museum giving background on Chek Jawa and the public guiding system developed to preserve Chek Jawa.
Robyn's Cyberalbum (who was then only two!) has photos of his trip to Chek Jawa
Marine Haven: Chek Jawa by Lea Wee on the The Straits Times Interactive Picture Gallery. A great introduction to what you might see on Chek Jawa during a public walk.
Talk and excursion to Chek Jawa on the National University Global Programme website
Chek Jawa on Steven Marshall's "as if silent" website
Chek Jawa photos from a trip shortly after deferment of reclamation.
Chek Jawa by Loh Teck Hee from a trip in Oct 2001 before deferment was announced.

School projects and trips
Our Treasure in the Backyard: Chek Jawa by the CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School team for the Cyberfair competition: a fabulous compilation of background on Chek Jawa, including its significance in terms of biodiversity, as a legacy, outdoor classroom, model teacher; a brief introduction to the wildlife found there; interviews with people; and conservation efforts.
Chek Jawa trip by Yeni Lestari of Temasek Junior College.
Voices of the Community by Chng Cai Jie on the St. Nicholas Girls' School website.

Other personal websites on Chek Jawa
Chek Jawa and Pulau Ubin: What does your heart tell you? by Tan Choon Ming

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