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Chek Jawa
guided walks

Let a guide really show you Chek Jawa!
Going on a tour with a volunteer guide is the best way to see and learn more about this special shore. The walks are suitable for children aged 5 and above. But not suitable for prams or wheelchairs. Suitable footwear is essential for safety.

Chek Jawa intertidal walks
These walks are conducted by volunteers from Pulau Ubin NParks at suitably low tides.

You will need to pre-register. Places fill up fast. Walk dates are usually publicised on a quarterly basis and posted on the NParks website. With effect from 1 June 2009, booking for guided tours will only be available via internet booking. More on how to do this.

Wef Jan 08, these walks are no longer free. More details on booking arrangements and fees on the NParks website. See also Chek Jawa guided tours no longer free by Shobana Kesava, Straits Times 12 Dec 07;

On reaching Chek Jawa, nature guides will be at hand to take visitors on a 45-minutes walk to experience the amazing marine life there. Participants must wear appropriate covered footwear e.g. sneakers and canvas shoes (slippers and sandals are not suitable). Please follow the instructions of the guide, and stay on the designated route.

Chek Jawa guided boardwalk tours
Since the Chek Jawa boardwalk was launch in Jul 07, we can visit at any tide. The volunteers with the Naked Hermit Crabs conduct free guided tours of the boardwalk.

More tips for visitors
More on how to get to Pulau Ubin and to Chek Jawa.
More about preparing for a trip to the shores, more FAQs about visiting the shores, and how to take photos on the shores.
Chek Jawa
intertidal walk


When the tide is suitably low. For the latest walk dates, check out the NParks website. Bookings can only be done online. More details on the NParks website.

Cost? Chek Jawa intertidal walks no longer free wef Jan 08 more details on the NParks website and in this ST article

About 45 mins.

Trail grade?
Not suitable for prams and wheelchairs. Suitable for children but not the very youngest.

Where to meet?
At the Chek Jawa Information Kiosk

Pre-booking required!
To join the guided tour, you will need to pre-book with NParks.


Ubin Information Kiosk

FREE photos of Chek Jawa. Make your own badge here.
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