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5ha of natural rocky shore with coral reefs and some seagrasses.
Interesting cliff formations with rare native coastal vegetation.

Uniquely Singapore! The reefs of Sentosa are only minutes from the city centre! More about our city reefs.

Legends of Sentosa
Its previous name, Pulau Blakang Mati, ("blakang" means "behind", and "mati" means "death") points to a legend about a Malay that was murdered behind the hill. It may have also been a reference to the piracy and bloodshed that once pervaded the island. In 1968, when the Government decided to develop the island into a holiday resort, the public was invited to suggest names and "Sentosa" - meaning "peace & tranquility" in Malay - was eventually chosen.

Sentosa today
Sentosa is being developed as a holiday resort with many large-scale projects. However, bits of the natural island still remains.

Marine life of Sentosa
On Sentosa's last long stretch of natural shore next to Rasa Sentosa at Tanjung Rimau, there is are living coral rubble and reefs with a variety of hard and soft corals remain. The water on Sentosa is surprisingly, the clearest among the Southern Shores at low tide. Commonly encountered animals include octopuses, butterflyfishes and a wide variety of crabs seldom seen on other Southern Shores. The rocky shore is rich with snails and other surprises, while the natural cliffs are cloaked with rare native coastal plants.

Sentosa is ALIVE!
In 2006, a group of wild volunteers did a seagrass survey of Sentosa; they helped gather data and had fun too! As a result of the Sentosa transect, these volunteers have started TeamSeagrass who continue to monitor seagrasses on Sentosa and many other Singapore shores!

Doomed Sentosa shores?
More about natural shores on Sentosa that were affected by reclamation for Resorts World Sentosa.

More tips for visitors
Sentosa is accessible by public transport and cars (but not motorcycles) may drive into the island. The nearest MRT station is Harbour Front. More details on the Sentosa website

More about preparing for a trip to the shores
More FAQs about visiting the shores
How to take photos on the shores.


Plans for the Sentosa Integrated Resort (IR)
Sentosa has living wild reefs!
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