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Sentosa Seagrass Transect 2006
15 July 06
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scientific aims, methods and objectives

list of animals, plants and seaweeds (as at Jul 06)
GIS map of Sentosa (as at Jul 06)

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About the transect

What are we trying achieve?
As with our past shore surveys the aims of this transect are
  • To gather scientific data about our seagrasses that can
    • be published and made available to the scientific community. This data will also be published online; and
    • be useful to understanding our shores and contribute to their conservation and management;
  • To provide ordinary people an opportunity to be a part of such efforts, and to learn first-hand about our very own shores
The scientific approach for this seagrass transect has been drawn up by Siti Maryam Yaakub. She hopes the data collected will to add to the baseline data and record of biodiversity of seagrasses in Singapore. Siti's explorations of our shores has turned up species not recorded for Singapore! So a closer, scientific survey is always worthwhile.

If this survey is a success, Siti hopes to extend this to other areas in Singapore.

Siti also hopes to present the findings of this survey at the Seagrass Conference 2006 in Sep 06. She hopes to change the impression among many of the world's leading seagrass scientists "that all Singapore's seagrass has been buried by reclamation and that all the "good stuff" is in Malaysia." Siti made a similar presentation about our seagrasses in the same conference in 2004, here is a poster of her presentation (PDF 200K)

Who will be involved?
40 volunteers will be needed to conduct this transect. Sign up to volunteer for this transect! All are welcomed.

What will we be doing?
Seagrass transect led by Ms Siti Maryam Yaakub who will develop and implement transect methods, data collection and analysis; as well as conduct the orientation programme for volunteers. More about the scientific aims, methods and objectives.

Coastal plants survey led by Mr Joseph Lai. Here is the result of his survey on his www.eart-h.com website.

The GIS team led by Prof Teh Tiong Sa and including Dr Durairaju Kumaran Raju and Ms Yap Hui Boon will be conducting a GIS survey of the shore.

Wildfilms will document the event.
Kind support has also been provided by NParks.

What happens at a transect?
Lots of hard work, but also lots of fun. Learn lots of new things about our shores. Meet old friends, make new ones. And everyone makes a difference for the shores. Here are photos and results of past transects on Semakau and Chek Jawa.

Why 15 Jul (Sat)?
It is the only weekend this year with a tide that is low enough for long enough during daylight hours. So it's a very special day!

What has happened?
on the wildfilms blog
Recce for the transect: Siti, Ria, Shoop and Peter check it out
Get-together to prepare for the transect: Volunteers gather to prepare!
Sentosa Seagrass Transect Day! 40 volunteers turned up to make this possible.

Some results so far
Results of the coastal plants survey done by Mr Joseph Lai has been posted on his www.eart-h.com website
GIS map of the shore done by Dr Durairaju Kumaran Raju during the transect has been posted.
Preliminary list of seaweeds and marine plants and animals seen on this shore in past surveys is also now online.
Feedback from participants (WinWord doc).

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