Sentosa Seagrass Transect 2006
15 July 06
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Transect Day

Date: 15 Jul 06 (Saturday)
Time: 0615hrs to 1030hrs
Tides (Tg Pagar): 0600hrs=0.6m, 0700hrs=0.2m, 0800hrs=0.0m, 0900hrs=0.1m, 1000hrs=0.4m (We can stay on the beach until 0.4m)

0615hrs meet at bus pick up point (including drivers)
Seah Im foodcourt.

0630hrs depart bus pick up point for Sentosa entrance, Ria will facilitate ticketing there

0645hrs meet at underwater world (including drivers)

start going to transect site. In groups of two teams at a time, field commanders will facilitate, team leaders make sure all team members arrive safely.

arrive at transect site and start transect

finish transect and look around the shore. Ria will be at hand to explain things. You can also talk to Prof Teh who is doing the GIS mapping and has lots of stories about the fascinating rocky formations on the shore; or Joseph Lai about the amazing coastal plants there.

start to depart from the shore for washing up point on Siloso beach, field commanders will facilitate. Team leaders make sure all team members leave safely. Photographers meet Siti at Delifrance (at underwater world bus stop) to download photos.

All MUST depart shore.

Rest of the day
free and easy on Sentosa. Have a swim on the beach, lunch at Sentosa, explore the rest of Sentosa! Your ticket to Sentosa allows you free bus rides on Sentosa including the bus out to Harbour Front. For more about what you can do at Sentosa and Siloso Beach (that's the beach right next to the shore we are working on) and about getting around on Sentosa (with bus routes and schedules)

How to get there bus pick up point and parking on Sentosa
Preparing for the transect: what should I wear/bring? What should I prepare?
Contact numbers of key people
Team members: what are my responsibilities?
Team leaders: what are my responsibilities?
Field commanders: what are their responsibilities?
Weather turns bad: what are the procedures?
Medical emergency: what are the procedures?

Need to go to the toilet while on the shore?

Contact numbers
Ria 96630875
Siti 96167095
Field Commanders
Ho Shu Ping (Shoop) 91299597
Albert Mah 90629955

What to bring/wear and other preparations
  • The night before, have a good rest. Have a good breakfast before you come, and be well hydrated.
  • Booties or COVERED footwear (e.g., sports shoes) with thick soles and laces. Do NOT wear sandals or japanese slippers on the shores. No "Puah Chu Kang" boots, no wearing plastic bags over shoes.
  • Wear long pants, sandflies may be present, although in the past we have not encountered any. But keep clothes light and breatheable.
  • Drinking water and energising snack.
  • Wet weather gear: poncho/raincoat; umbrellas for photographers only, useless for the rest working.
  • Hat for the sun.
  • Insect repellent, although there are virtually no mosquitos on the shore (please apply away from the shore and not on hands--repellents are toxic to marine animals; and don't spray in enclosed areas such as the bus or near other people).
  • Simple medical kit in case of injuries to yourself.
  • Change of footwear and clothes.

What are team members' responsibilities?

  • Look after yourself. Bring the things you need, be safe on the shore.
  • If you don't feel well, please don't come. Inform your team leader immediately.
  • Be punctual.
  • At bus assembly, look for your team leader and get into your group.
  • During the transect and while we are on the shore, inform your team leader if you are leaving the shore at any time. Inform your team leader if you are not feeling well or suspect an injury.

What are team leaders' responsibilities?

  • At bus pick up, update Field Commanders if any of your team members are not coming
  • At underwater world, second consolidation with those who drive.
  • Gather your team for entry onto the shore
  • Throughout the programme, make sure your team members are alright.
  • Alert Ria or Field Commanders of problems, issues.
  • When we leave the shore, make sure all your team members have left.

What are field commanders' responsibilities?

  • Consolidate teams at bus assembly point.
  • Second consolidation at underwater world bus stop.
  • At the end of the programme, ensure all have left the shore safely.
  • In case of weather evacuation, ensure all leave the shore safely.

What are the bad weather procedures?

  • If it is just drizzling and there is NO lightning, we continue to work (so make sure you bring a raincoat/poncho; photographers should bring an umbrella so you can take photos in the drizzle)
  • If there is lightning (even if there is no rain) and/or if there is heavy rain. We evacuate in an orderly and safe manner to the underwater world bus stop.
  • Two short blasts of the whistle will indicate weather evacuation has been decided.

What are the medical emergency procedures?

  • Please avoid injury: wear proper footwear, don't touch anything, wash your hands afterwards, walk slowly, watch your step, don't climb rocks.
  • Albert and evacuation team will help move victim to carpark next to Rasa Sentosa where NParks vehicle will whiz the victim to hospital. Tan Tock Seng hospital for venom incidents, NUS hospital for any other incidents.
  • One short blast of whistle: to recall evacuation team to handle the incident.
  • For minor cuts and other minor incidents: see Ria for medication.
  • Not feeling well during the transect? Don't push yourself. Go to the shore, sit down and call Ria for assistance.
  • Please don't feel embarassed about an injury. Stop work, seek help.

I need to go to toilet while we are on the shore, so how?

  • The nearest toilet is at Rasa Sentosa. About 5-min walk.

How to get there?

Nearest MRT station: Harbour Front MRT station

Bus pick up at Harbour Front MRT station: Seah Imm Food Centre exit
NOT carpark D but the Carpark further to the left (as indicated in map below)

Aim to board the bus at 0615hrs so that we can sort people out.
Bus will leave at 0645hrs sharp.
Be PUNCTUAL or be left behind.

at Harbour Front Centre multi-storey carpark, Sat 1-7am $2 per hour or part thereoft, 7am-5pm $1 per hour or part thereof.

At Sentosa, free parking along Imbiah Walk, about a 5 minute-walk from Rasa Sentosa.

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