Hard coral

Hard coral

Zoanthid anemones

soft coral
Leathery soft coral


red egg  crab
Red egg crab

sea snake
Sea snake

soft coral
Dove snails

Hairy crab


Marine spider


Sentosa Seagrass Transect 2006
15 July 06
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Animals on Sentosa shore
(as at Jul 06)

Phylum Porifera
  Various species awaiting identification

Phylum Cnidaria
  Order Actiniaria (sea anemones)
  Phymanthus sp.
Stichodactyla mertensii
Epiactis sp.

  Order Alcyonacea (soft corals)
  Sacrophyton sp.
Sinularia sp.
Lobophytum sp.

Heliopora coerulea (Blue coral)

  Order Corallimorphoria (corallimorphs)

  Order Zoanthidea (colonial anemones)
  Protopalythoa sp.
Palythoa sp.
Zoantharia sp.

  Order Sclerectinia (hard corals)
  Family Acroporidae
Montipora sp.

Family Faviidae

Cyphastrea sp.
and various species awaiting identification

Family Fungiidae
Herpolitha limax
Polyphyllia talpina

Family Oculinidae
Galaxea sp.

Family Dendrophylliidae
Turbinaria sp.

Family Pocilloporidae
Pocillopora sp.

Family Poritiidae
Goniopora sp.
Porites sp.

Family Siderastreidae
Psammocora sp.

Phylum Arthropoda
  Desis sp. (marine spider)
Tachypleus gigas (Coastal horseshoe crab)

Class Crustacea
  Subclass Cirripedia (barnacles)
  Chthalamus sp. (star barnacle)

  Order Isopoda
  Ligia sp. (sea slaters)

  Order Decapoda
Alpheus lobidens (snapping shrimp)
Glypturus sp. (Ghost shrimp)
Penaeus sp. (prawns)
Periclimenes brevicarpalis (Five-spot anemone shrimp)
Various small shrimps awaiting identification

  Infraorder Anomura (hermit crabs)
  Various species awaiting identification

  Infraorder Brachyura
  Family Eriphiidae
Eriphia smithii (Red-eyed reef crab)
Ozius guttatus (Spotted-belly can-opener crab)

Family Grapsidae
Metopograpsus sp. (Purple climber crab)

Family Ocypodidae
Ocypode cerathophthlama (Horn-eyed ghost crab)

Family Pilumnidae
Pilumnus sp. (Hairy crab)

Family Portunidae (swimming crabs)
Portunus pelagicus (Flower crab)
Various swimming crab species awaiting identification

Family Xanthidae
Atergatis integerrimus (Red egg crab)
Lophozozymus pictor (Mosaic crab)
Leptodius sp. (Spoon-pincer crab)

Phylum Mollusca

  Order Gastropoda
  Family Cerithiidae (creeper snails)

Family Columbellidae
Pyrene ocellata (lightning dove snail)
Various dove snail species awaiting identification

Family Cypraeidae
Cypraea ovum (Ovum cowrie)

Family Littorinidae (periwinkles)
Various periwinkles awaiting identification

Family Trochidae
Trochus maculatus (Spotted top shell snail)

Family Turbinidae
Turbo bruneus (Dwarft turban snail)

  Slugs and nudibranchs
  Family Onchididae (Onch slugs)

Elysia ornata
Elysia sp.
Aplysia sp.
Jorunna funebris
Discodoris boholensis

  Order Cephalopoda
  Octopus sp.
Ideosepius sp. (Pygmy squid)

Phylum Nemertea (ribbon worms)

Phylum Platyhelminthes (flatworms)
  Acanthozoon sp.

Phylum Annelida (segmented worms)
  Order Polychaeta
  Eunice aphroditois (Giant reef worm)
Eunice sp.

Family Sabellidae (fanworms)

Phylum Echinodermata
  Holothuria leucospilota (Long black sea cucumber)

Phylum Chordata

  Family Atherinidae
Atherinomorus duodecimalis (Tropical silverside)

Family Batrachoididae (toadfishes)

Family Chaetodontidae
Chelmon rostratus (Copper-banded butterflyfish)

Family Gobiidae
Drombus triangularis (Brown shore goby)
Istigobius ornatus (Ornate lagoon-goby)
Periophthalmus chrysospilos (Gold-spotted mudskipper)

Family Haemulida
Plectorhinchus gibbosus (Brown sweetlips)

Family Hemiramphidae (half-beaks)

Family Labridae
Choerodon schoenleinii (Black-spot tuskfish)

Family Monocanthidae (filefishes)

Family Ophichthidae (worm eels)

Family Plotosidae
Plotosus lineatus (Lined eeltail catfish)

Family Scorpaenidae
Paracentropogon longispinis (Longspined scorpionfish)
Parascorpaena picta (Painted scorpionfish)

Family Siganidae
Siganus canaliculatus (White-spotted rabbitfish)

Family Terapontidae
Terapon jarbua (Crescent perch)

Family Tetraodontidae
Chelnodon patoca (Milk-spotted pufferfish)

Other vertebrates
  Laticauda colubrina (Yellow-lipped sea snake)
Varanus salvator (Malayan water monitor)

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