Ubin Jetty

Arriving at Ubin Jetty, you have your first scenic view of Ubin Town. There is also a large rock to the left as you walk towards Ubin. The rock reminds some people of a rhino, others, a sad dog.

On your right you get a lovely view all the way to Chek Jawa at the easternmost tip of Ubin. A walkway built for the former Civil Service Chalets form a nice silhoutte for the scene.

Ubin Jetty is also popular among fishermen, who overnight in the shelter as they fish at the Jetty itself. There is always a nice sea breeze at the Jetty, and it's a great place to just hang out.

As you leave Ubin Jetty, do stop to look at the mangrove trees growing on either side. These beautiful trees, called Perepat in Malay, have white pom-pom like flowers that open at night and attract pollinating bats. These same bats also pollinate durian, Singapore's favourite fruit.

There is also a magnificent Asam Tree right next to the Malay food stall at then jetty entrance.

The action begins right at the jetty exit/entrance. Here, friendly taxi drivers are always ready to take you anywhere for a reasonable price.

From here, you can choose to head East or go through Ubin Town to head West or North.

Regardless, do stop by at the NParks Info Kiosk right infront of the jetty to pick up a free Ubin pamphlet and get some tips from the friendly NParks officers on how to spend your day. (do return the map at the end of your trip if you don't plan to keep it so it can be recycled). There is also a little exhibition area with more information and photos about Ubin.

Other jetty facts
The first jetty on Ubin was built by the Japanese in 1942-43. Before that, people had to get out of the boat and wade on the muddy shore to get to shore. A new jetty was built in 1965. It was upgraded in 1994 with a shelter to cater to the high traffic. There are also "private" jetties used by residents to access their smaller boats.

Changi Jetty: The old Changi jetty was closed in Jan 05. Bumboats now depart from the mainland via the Changi POINT Ferry Terminal at Changi Village. More photos of the old Changi Jetty.

The Welcome sign at Ubin Jetty
is a favourite spot for group photos!

Infront of Ubin Jetty,
the NParks Info Kiosk and Nature Gallery.

Right next to Ubin Jetty,
Pak Ali's shop under the Assam tree.

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