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Other activities on Ubin

Ubin is a great place for outdoor activities such as cycling, walking, fishing and camping. The waters off Ubin are also enjoyed by sailing and canoeing enthusiasts.

Some of the more unusual activities include stargazing! Pulau Ubin being among the more easily reached areas away from the light pollution of the mainland, is a great place to view the Big Picture. See links below for more details about this activity.

Ubin also inspires artists and photographers.

Safety precautions and other tips for visitors

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  • Fishing around Pulau Ubin on Ken's Fishing Haven website which is dedicated to encourage a conservation attitude among anglers: photos of fishermen proudly posing with their impressive catches around the waters of Pulau Ubin.
  • Fanatical Anglers' Domain by Francis & Dominic who developed the website to share with others what they have learnt about fishing and most importantly conservation.
  • Camping at Pulau Ubin on Lovebytes a website of the SDU: a weekend outdoors, cooking simple meals and participating in interaction games.
  • The Great Escape: about camping in Singapore including Pulau Ubin, The Straits Times, 5 Dec 04
  • Project Tumkur 03 by Ng Yun on the Essential Medicines website: about an Ubin camping trip to prepare for a Youth Expedition Trip to India. Photos and stories of team bonding, cooking outdoors and more.
nature appreciation
  • Gallery of Paintings of Pulau Ubin by Ho Chee Lick on the Literature, Culture and Society of Singapore website: a series of landscapes and other features of Ubin.
  • Oil Paintings by Ho Kah Leong on the Art Gallery of Ho Kah Leong website: photos of his works, many of which are of Ubin.
  • Watercolour works by Lee Choon Kee on the Singapore Watercolour Society website: an example of Ubin inspired art.
    Art inspired by Ubin by Bee K C Tan on her www.artistbee.com website: her works and poems about Ubin.
  • Pulau Ubin Art Camp on The Artist Village website: Held in Dec 01 invited artists (local and international) lived on the island for 5 days. Their artworks were displayed for the 5 days with conducted tours on the last day.
  • Sabine Jelinek an Austrian artist was invited by The Artist Village to create art based on Pulau Ubin: short explanation of her thoughts of Ubin, which she considered to be the last place untouched by modern city life.
  • Rustic Ubin: A Photographic Exhibition by Tony Lim who spent a year capturing the lifestyle and rustic beauty of Pulau Ubin
  • Pulau Ubin Photo Gallery by Victor Wong: wide range of photos of life on Ubin, including colourful patterns of Ubin, panoramic photographs and a feature on coconut trees.

  • Dr Chua Ee Kiam's photos on the Simply Green website: Pulau Ubin Revisited and the Sensory Trail
  • Pulau Ubin photos on Visual Brave Digital Diary: a series of large photos and short captions
  • Photo outing @Tanjung Che' Jawa by mohd sultan: lots of black and white and special effects photos as well as a delightful story of the trip
  • A trip to Pulau Ubin on the Hiwire website: Fabulous panoramic shots of various locations at Ubin which give you a 360deg view. Wonderful!
  • A trip to Pulau Ubin by feeldy in Jul 03: some photos and brief captions.

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