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Phylum Cnidaria
Photo index of cnidarians on Singapore shores
sea anemones and anemone-like animals
diameter 3-5cm, long tentacles

Size given is the diameter with tentacles expanded

Peachia anemone
Peachia sp.

Striped sand anemone
awaiting identification


awaiting identification

Polka dot

awaiting identification
4-5cm. Few tentacles (about 16) that lie flat on the surface. With bumps in the mouth. Chevron patterns on tentacles on oral disk. Body column smooth with broad white stripes. Sandy and silty areas. Commonly seen on our shores. 3-4cm. Many tentacles (about 40) semi-transparent with pair of dark parellel lines crossed with white bars. Oral disk with pattern of white and dark radiating bars. Sandy and silty areas. Commonly seen on our Northern shores. 3-4cm. Many short tentacles paler at the base. Tentacles and oral disk reddish brown. Body column smooth and pale. Coral rubble. Seen on our shores, particularly abundant on Pulau Sekudu and Chek Jawa. 3-4cm. Many short tentacles translucent with many tiny white spots. Body column short with large white ringed polka dots. Stuck on seagrass blades in seagrass meadows on our shores.  

Transparent spoke

awaiting identification

Banded wiggly
sand star anemone

awaiting identification

reef star anemone

awaiting identification
3-5cm. Few tentacles (about 16), transparent, one ring long another ring short, all with dark tips. Oral disk tiny. On silty sand in sheltered lagoons. Sometimes seen on our shores. 4-5cm. Tentacles few (about 20) held flat in pairs or sets of three, with the tips in 'wiggles'. Oral disk tiny. Brownish with regular dark bands. Soft silty upper shore of calm man-made lagoons. Seen on Pulau Hantu. 4-5cm. Tentacles few (about 20) held flat in pairs or sets of three, with the tips in 'wiggles'. Oral disk tiny. Blue, red, brown. Coral rubble and living reefs. Commonly seen on our Southern shores.    

how to tell apart animals with a ring of smooth tentacles

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Phylum Cnidaria
with soft body

sea anemones and anemone-like

Diameter < 3cm

Diameter 3-5cm
  long tentacles
short tentacles

Diameter 5-10cm

Diameter >10cm
  smooth tentacles
frilly tentacles

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