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Phylum Cnidaria > Class Anthozoa > Order Actiniaria
Photo index of cnidarians on Singapore shores
sea anemones and anemone-like animals
diameter > 10cm, with smooth tentacles

Size given is the diameter with tentacles expanded

carpet anemone

Stichodactyla gigantea

Merten's carpet

Stichodactyla mertensii

carpet anemone

Stichodactyla haddoni


Heteractis magnifica

Bubble tip

Entacmaea quadricolor
40-50cm. Tentacles skiny with pointed tips, usually constantly moving. Verrucae adhesive, magenta or orange in colour. On rubble, rarely on sand or among seagrasses. Common on our Southern shores. 1m or larger. Tentacles short or long. Body column tan or white with magenta or orange verrucae. On reefs at depth. Seen on our Southern shores. 30-40cm. Tentacles short, fat with rounded tips, often packed very closely together. Fringe of long-short tentacles on the oral disk edge. On sand, among seagrasses, on coral rubble. Common on our shores.
30-50cm. Long blunt-tipped tentacles (5-8cm), body column blue, green, red, white or brown with longitudinal rows of translucent verrucae. Seen on our Southern shores.
10-20cm, 30-40cm. Tentacles 4-6cm long with distintive bulbous tips, sometimes the tips are not 'inflated'. In coral rubble and among living reefs. Seen on our Southern shores.

Snaky anemone
Macrodactyla doreensis

Leathery anemone
Heteractis crispa

Pizza anemone
Cryptodendrum sp.

Haekel's anemone
Actinostephanus haekeli

Glass anemone
Dofleinia sp.
25-30cm. Tentacles long (about 10m) and snake-like, tapering. White eye-shaped bumps on the underside. On coral rubble. Seen on our Northern shores. 20-30cm. Tentacles long (about 10m) and snake-like, tapering with coloured tips. Body column uniformly coloured with large verrucae. Living reefs. Seen on our Southern shores. 25-30cm. Oral disk with raised edge and tiny tentacles on the surface, underside often colourful. Hidden in crevices or under dead corals. Seen on our Southern shores. 10-20cm. 12 long fat cylindrical tapering tentacles. Below, another ring of shorter, slimmer tentacles. The tentalces are studded with bumps. Those seen were dark brown to black. Coral rubble. Seen on some of our shores. 10-20cm. Transparent tentacles with black and white ring at the base. A ring of shorter tentacles below the very long tentacles. On sand near seagrasses. Seen on our Nothern shores.

These are NOT sea anemones, they are corals

Brain ancor coral
Euphyllia ancora
Family Euphylliidae

mushroom coral

Heliofungia actiniformis

Anemone coral
Goniopora sp.
Family Poritidae

leathery coral

awaiting identification
Tentacles 2-3cm long with a U-shaped tip. Colours blue and brown with bluish tips. Long thick noodle-like tentacles with white tips. Has a hard skeleton, hidden under the tentacles. Polyps (0.5-1cm in diameter), and long body column (2-5cm). Colours seen include purple, pink, brown and bluish. Colony circular 30-50cm or larger. Tiny polyps.  

how to tell apart

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Phylum Cnidaria
with soft body

sea anemones and anemone-like

Diameter < 3cm

Diameter 3-5cm
  long tentacles
short tentacles

Diameter 5-10cm

Diameter >10cm
  smooth tentacles
frilly tentacles

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