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Phylum Cnidaria > Class Anthozoa > Order Ceriantharia
Photo index of cerianthids on Singapore shores
outer ring of long tentacles, inner ring of very short tentacles, makes a tube to live in.

Size given is the diameter with tentacles expanded

Banded cerianthid
awaiting identification

Common cerianthid
awaiting identification

Black-mouth cerianthid
awaiting identification

Elegant cerianthid
awaiting identification
2-5cm. Long tentacles banded brown, yellow, purple. Inner tentacles very short and sparse. Silty sand and near seagrasses. Commonly seen on our Northern shores. 10-15cm. Inner tentacles may be of a different colour. White to green, orange to purple and variegated patterns. Silty sand and near seagrasses. Commonly seen on our Northern shores, sometimes also on our Southern shores. 10-15cm. Outer tentacles long and slender, usually white, inner tentacles neon green, 'mouth' and body column black. Coral rubble near seagrasses. Sometimes seen on our Southern shores. 8-10cm. Outer tentacles elegantly slim and tapering. Outer lower tentacles shorter and more slender. Various colours. Silty areas near seagrasses. Sometimes seen on our Northern shores.  

Small mouth cerianthid
awaiting identification

Shy glass cerianthid
awaiting identification
2-4cm. Long tentacles whites, banded yellow. Inner tentacles very short. Sand Sometimes seen on our Northern shores. 6-8cm. Long tentacles transparent and sparse. Black ring around the base of the long tentacle where it connects with the oral disk. Inner tentacles very short. Coral rubble. Sometimes seen on our shores.      

how to tell apart animals with a ring of smooth tentacles

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Phylum Cnidaria
with soft body

sea anemones and anemone-like

Diameter < 3cm

Diameter 3-5cm
  long tentacles
short tentacles

Diameter 5-10cm

Diameter >10cm
  smooth tentacles
frilly tentacles

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