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Phylum Cnidaria > Class Anthozoa > Order Actiniaria
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sea anemones and anemone-like animals: diameter 5-10cm

Size given is the diameter with tentacles expanded

Swimming sea anemone
Boloceroides mcmurrichi

Tiger sea anemone
awaiting identification

Pearly sea anemone
Paracondylactis sinensis

Pimply mangrove
sea anemone

awaiting identification
5-8cm. Many thick tentacles that obscures small oral disk and mouth. Brown with bands, or all yellow. Unattached or loosely attached to seaweeds and seagrasses. Seasonally common on our shores. 6-10cm. Many thick tapering tentacles with brown bars that resembles tiger stripes. Oral disk with a pair of bright maroon, red or orange spots. Body column pale red-tipped bumps. Soft silty sand and near seagrasses. Common on our Northern shores. 5-8cm. Many long, thick, tapering tentacles unpatterned usually beige or pinkish. Oral disk and body column unpatterned, without bumps. Silty sandy sheltered areas. Sometimes seen on our shores. 5-12cm. Many long, thick, tapering tentacles unpatterned usually beige or pinkish. Oral disk unpatterned, sometimes darker than tentacles. Body column dark with pale bumps. Can be abundant on mudflats on seaward side of our northern mangroves. 3-6cm. Tentacles many, one ring of longer and another ring of shorter thinner tentacles below. Mouth ringed by 'petals'. Body column smooth with white stripes. Silty sand, especially near mangroves. Sometimes seen on our Nothern shores.

Burgundy anemone
Bunodosoma goanense

Alicia anemone
Alicia sp.

Very long anemone
Actinoporus elongatus

Neon anemone
awaiting identification
5-8cm. Entire animal burgundy. Many short, thick tapering tentacles. Body column densely covered in regular rows of small non-sticky bumps. On rocky shores and hard surfaces below low water line. Seen mainly at Punggol. Body column 2-10cm long, expands greatly under water. Clusters of bumps on the body column. Seagrass meadows near living reefs. Seen on our Southern shores. 5-8cm. Tentacles tiny, forming bumps in radiating rows on the oral disk. Generally dull greenish. Body column thick and very long (more than 30cm), smooth without sticky bumps. Sandy areas near seagrasses. Seen on our Southern shores. 5-10cm. Many slender tentacles, dark green with blue or red tips. Body column thick, short, pale often with bright flourescent green stripes or splotches. Wedged in rubble near reefs. Seen on our Southern shores.  

how to tell apart animals with a ring of smooth tentacles

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Phylum Cnidaria
with soft body

sea anemones and anemone-like

Diameter < 3cm

Diameter 3-5cm
  long tentacles
short tentacles

Diameter 5-10cm

Diameter >10cm
  smooth tentacles
frilly tentacles

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