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Flattened fishes: sting rays

Mangrove whipray
Himantura walga


Neotrygon kuhlii

Honeycomb whipray
Himantura uarnak

White-spotted eagle ray
Aetobatus mula
15-20cm, grows to 25cm. Body oval with a pointed snout, brown without any markings. Tail whip-like without markings. Near mangroves and in sandy lagoons. Sometimes seen on our Northern shores. 15-20cm, grows to 40cm. Body kite-shaped, rounded snout, brown with small blue or black spots which are sometimes not obvious. Tail whip-like with pale tip and black-and-white bands. Sandy areas. Sometimes seen on our Northern shores. Adult very large, 1.5m diameter, 6m long with tail, body quadrangular densely covered with large dark spots. Tail very long and slender. Sometimes seen at Chek Jawa.   60cm-3m wide, with tail 3-8m long with the tail. Triangular 'wings', upperside dark with spots (no bands). A bulging head with a triangular snout. Seen once at Tanah Merah.

Family Narcinidae
15-20cm, grows to 30cm. Body oval, rounded snout, brown with many bright blue spots, Tail whip-like with 2 blue stripes and broad skin flap underneath. Near reefs. Commonly seen on our Southern shores. 10cm, body round, beige with maroon spots. Tail fat with tail and dorsal fins. Can produce mild electric shocks. Seen once. Sandy areas on our Northern shores. Seen once on Changi.      

This is NOT a stingray
This large animal with a hard shell is sometimes mistaken for a stingray because it is also disk-shaped and has a long tail..        

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