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Amphiprion ocellaris


Amphiprion frenatus

Three-spot dascyllus
Dascyllus trimaculatus

Acropora goby
Gobiodon histrio
2-9cm. Red to reddish-brown with three broad white bars. Lives in large Giant carpet anemones and Magnificent anemones. Commonly seen on many of our Southern shores. 5-14cm. Red to black with one black-edged white bar just behind the head. Lives in Bulb-tip sea anemones. Sometimes seen on our Southern shores. 2-11cm. Juveniles jet black with spot of forehead and sides, adults greyish, spots faded. Lives in Giant carpet anemones. Sometimes seen on some of our Southern shores.   4cm. Colourful stripes. Lives among the branches of a living acropora hard coral. Sometimes seen on our Southern shores.

Saddled shrimp-goby
Cryptocentrus maudae

Saddled shrimp-goby
Cryptocentrus maudae

Pink-speckled shrimp-goby
About 1.5cm. Tiny ones with black with 5 or more white saddles. Lives with a snapping shrimp. Sometimes seen on some of our shores. 5-7cm. Adults with 5 or more pale saddles, dark spots along the sides and speckles all over. Lives with a snapping shrimp. Sometimes seen on our Southern shores. 4-6cm. 6 broad oblique bars on the body, many pink and blue spots on the head. Lives with a snapping shrimp. Sandy, silty areas near reefs. Sometimes seen on our Southern shores.    

in red are those listed among the threatened animals of Singapore from Davison, G.W. H. and P. K. L. Ng and Ho Hua Chew, 2008. The Singapore Red Data Book: Threatened plants and animals of Singapore.

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