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Typical fish-shaped: large > 5cm

Brown sweetlips
Plectorhinchus gibbosus

Three-spot damselfish
Pomacentrus tripunctatus

Black-spot tuskfish
Choerodon schoenleinii

Anchor tuskfish
Choerodon anchorago

Singapore tuskfish
Choerodon oligacanthus
2-12cm, to 70cm. Body dark greyish brown, lips swollen, tail fin transparent and rounded. Mimicks drifting leaves. Seagrasses and coral rubble. Sometimes seen on many of our shores. 12-15cm, to 20cm. Body dark grey with a black spot on the upper tail base. Coral rubble. Sometimes seen on our Northern shores. 20cm, to 90cm. Black spot middle of dorsal fin base, juveniles with while saddle spot after the black spot. Seen once on Sentosa. 38cm. Variable coloration, with a pale diagonal bar at the pectoral fin, black area on the middle of the upper side and large white saddle behind the dorsal fin. Sometimes seen on reefy Southern shores.. 28cm. Bluish stripes on lower sides, NO black spot on dorsal fin. Seen at Cyrene Reef..

Orange-spotted grouper
Epinephelus coioides

Honeycomb grouper
Epinephelus quoyanus

Chocolate hind
Cephalopholis boenak

Bluelined hind
Cephalopholis formosa
Adult 95cm, juveniles much smaller. Adult brown with darker bars and small orange spots on the sides. Among seagrasses. Sometimes seen on our Northern shores. 35cm. Less dense spotting, larger polygonal spots, thin or no white margin on the tail. Seen at Tanah Merah. 10-15cm, grows to 20-30cm. A dark spot on the upper edge of the gill cover. Coral rubble Sometimes seen on some of our Northern shores. To 30cm. Many fine blue lines on the head, body. All fins blue. Near seawalls on some of our shores.  

White-spotted rabbitfish
Siganus canaliculatus

Streaked rabbitfish
Siganus javus

Green chromide
Etroplus suratensis

False scorpionfish
Centrogenys vaigiensis
8-15cm. Body generally olive with spots. Sometimes with a dark round blotch behind the gill cover. Seagrasses. Commonly seen on our Northern shores. 15-20cm, to 40cm. Spotted pattern, large golden spot below dorsal fin near the tail. Among coral rubble. Sometimes seen on our Northern shores. 10-20cm, to 40cm. Many small white spots on upper body and fine lines on lower body. Among coral rubble, near seagrasses. Sometimes seen on our Northern shores. 20-30cm. Greyish green 6 to 8 dark bars, dark spot at pectoral fins, pearly scales. Mangroves. Common in our northern mangroves. An introduced species, not native. 4-10cm, to 15cm. Head has no spines, fringed flaps over nostrils. It belongs to the Family Serranidae which includes groupers. It is NOT a scorpionfish. Coral rubble. Commonly seen on some of our shores.

Scissortail sergeant
Abudefduf sexfasciatus

Indo-pacific sergeant

Bengal sergeant

Yellow-banded damsel Dischistodus fasciatus
17-22cm. 4-5 broad black bars across a yellowish body. Tail fins with pointed tips resembling scissors with black horizontal stripes.. Sometimes seen near reefs.
15-20cm. 4 broad black bars across a white body. During courtship and nesting season, the upper part of the body may be yellow.Tail is plain or blackish, no horizontal black stripes. Sometimes seen near reefs. To 14cm. 6-7 narrow bars black (sometimes grey) across a yellowish body. Tail with rounded lobes, no horizontal black stripes. Coral rubble near reefs.   4-6cm, to 11cm. With 4 thick yellow bars and 5 thick black bars across the body. Often bluish at night. Near living reefs. Commonly seen on our Southern shores.

Pink ear emperor
Lethrinus lentjan

Spangled emperor
Lethrinus nebulosus

Weedy wrasse
Pteragogus sp.

Family Mugilidae
15cm, to 50cm. Large scales in distinctive diamond pattern, a red margin around gill covers and red mark at the base of the pectoral fins. Seagrasses. Sometimes seen on some of our shores. 15cm, to 70cm. Large scales in distinctive diamond pattern, brown blotches and bars, fine blue lines on forehead. Seagrasses, reefs. Sometimes seen on some of our shores. 15cm, to 20cm. The first few dorsal spines are elongated. Among seagrasses. Seen once on Cyrene Reef.
About 10cm. Body cylindrical with broad flat head. Two dorsal fins far apart. Silvery with stripes and spots. Often seen in schools at high tide from jetties and boardwalks.
Up to 1m. Various kinds seen on our Southern shores.

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