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  our wild singapore: West Coast Park
mms upload for 19 Jul 04 (Mon)

19/07/04 13:10 West Coast Park #1:
Today, I thought of dropping by this large and lovely park during lunchtime.
19/07/04 13:12 West Coast Park #2:
Lots of landscaped walks and green grassy patches for playing games and picnics by the western coast. The blue blue sky today made up for the very industrial view from the coast. But these I'm sure look much more romantic at night :-)
19/07/04 13:14 West Coast Park #3:
There is a HUGE Exercise Garden with all kinds of exercise stuff that look challenging but fun.
19/07/04 13:15 West Coast Park #4:
There are LOTS and lots of Cannonball Trees at the park. These fascinating trees have large fragrant flowers that turn into very large fruits.
EckKheng Posted on 19/07/04 13:39
Hey Ria, I have got cannonball fruits in my moblog too! Am truely inspired by your dedication to nature. My moblog 'nature' pix, real or otherwise are a tribute to you!

Ria Posted on 19/07/04 19:04 Thanks EckKheng for yet more encouragement :-) These cannonball fruits are just so incredible. Although at first I said to myself I would focus on only native plants, these trees are just too awesome to ignore. Esp when they are everywhere in this park!

gobygirl Posted on 22/07/04 14:35
Seriously though, I think that we should try to feature more native plants in our gardens and parks - they are just as spectacular!
19/07/04 13:22 West Coast Park #5:
A beautiful "Banyan Tree" was figging. Fig trees don't actually "fruit". The red berry-like things you see are actually flowers and not fruits :-) The figs attract lots of interesting birds.
19/07/04 13:24 West Coast Park #6:
My favourite part of this park is the wild Marsh Garden on the edge of the park. A boardwalk brings you into this little placid pool filled with fishes and ringed by trees.
gobygirl Posted on 22/07/04 14:37
Yes, this is my favourite part of the park tooooooo!!! Interesting birds here too - egrets, herons and the likes.

Ria Posted on 23/07/04 09:45
Beerder...! But you're right. Infested with birds.
19/07/04 13:25 West Coast Park #7:
The marsh is tidal as it leads to the shore which is not far away. The shore is rather beat up, but still has some interesting life the last time I visited it about two years ago.
19/07/04 13:26 West Coast Park #8:
The boardwalk over the Marsh Garden. This little patch of wilderness is just a stone's throw from flats in the background.
19/07/04 13:28 West Coast Park #9:
The blue blue sky over the green of the park. Other park facilities include a place where you can pitch a tent, BBQ pits, a lookout jetty, and various nooks and crannies with strange garden themes....
19/07/04 13:30 West Coast Park #10:
This is a Reflexology Garden with a Very Pebbly Path :-)
gobygirl Posted on 22/07/04 14:37
Very painful, not for the flat-footed ie me....

Ria Posted on 23/07/04 09:44
Apparently, the idea is to HAVE pain...of course I don't get it. I'd rather crawl on mud :-)
19/07/04 13:31 West Coast Park #11:
The Chinese Chess Garden really makes you want to play the game :-)
19/07/04 13:43 West Coast Park #12 (last):
If you are not too partial to the MacDonalds in the park, you can always check out the makan places at the corner of Pasir Panjang with nasi lemak, prata and all kinds of other food. But parking can be headache...

West Coast Park is along West Coast Highway near the junction with Clementi Road location map
More about West Coast Park on the NParks website

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