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More wild stuff....articles, blogs, musings, photos by other wild people

wild blogs and websites
These are live blogs about our wild places. Do visit to see what they are up to.
WildFilms blog stories and photos of adventures on our wild shores and beyond
Siva's blog covers a wide range of news, events, issues to do with nature in Singapore
Debby's blog: a celebration of Pulau Hantu with photos, news and events.
Labrador Park blog: stories and photos of this key mainland shore
Jacqueline's blog: photos and thoughts about natural places, events and people

Other websites regularly updated with photos, nature events and articles
Kwok Wai's WildLife Singapore: photos, info about vertebrates in Singapore.
The Blue Water Volunteers website: activities to join and volunteer for the reefs of Singapore.
David Tan's photo website: wonderful photos of Singapore wildlife.
Joseph Lai's eart-h.com: photos, thoughts, events

wild people links
Here are links to websites maintained by wild people featured on the moblog.

Norman's personal website which he set up with the hope that more people (especially Singaporeans) will be aware of the precarious situation of the fragile wildlife in Singapore, and around the world. It has articles and a gallery of wonderful photos about all kinds of flora and fauna, as well as links to more information. See also this article about Norman's study of the flying lemurs. Wildlife Singapore has Norman's photos of this amazing creature
Adrian's website has more information about Adrian and his current botanical and other projects
Bee Choo and Morten's website for their delightful shop Nature's Niche has a lots of information about nature books and other nature products.
Siva has way too many websites and mailing lists to even begin to contemplate a list. Siva's personal site one of the best places to start to unearth the enormous goldmine that is Siva's web work.
Online version of Joseph Koh's Guidebook to Spiders of Singapore the first guide book on the spiders of Singapore (actually Southeast Asia) since Thomas Workman published a pictorial guide to Malaysian spiders more than 100 years ago.
For more about Dr Chua Ee Kiam and his work visit his wonderful Simply Green website. It is packed with photos, inspirational thoughts and other information about our wild places.
For more about Puisan's artistic work at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.
Nick Baker's awesome www.ecologyasia.com is packed with factsheets and an incredible listing of media articles from all over Asia covering environmental issues. It is invaluable to those of us who want to learn more about our wild places.
Jacqueline's website has wonderful nature photos taken by her in Singapore and in her many travels elsewhere. Her blog called Dogged Wanderings has lots of insights and inspirations on nature. The APYEN website is her 'pet' project

Zaki's Learning from Nature with photos and facts of all kinds of interesting plants and animals that Zaki comes across, as well as his projects.

David Tan's personal website of his photos which showcases his wonderful work. David hopes his website would allow more people to get in touch with nature since most people have a computer and an internet connection at home or at their workplace.
Kwok Wai's Wildlife Singapore with photos and factsheets of our mammals and other vertebrates. He hopes the website will be a gateway for Singaporeans to become more aware of our biodiversity.
Debby's Hantu Blog with everything you could possibly want to know about Hantu. Debby was thrilled at Singapore's diverse and resilient marine life, and believed it deserved a little more recognition. So she started her blog which includes a fabulous gallery of underwater photos of Hantu's marine wildlife.
Tse-Lynn's Coral Reefs of Singapore has everything you can possibly want to know about our reefs; where they are, work being done on them, photos and how you can make a difference for the reefs.
Dr Paolo's PhiloZoophie website has more details on Monkey Island. This an amazing plans to save the Long-tailed Macaques which would otherwise be put down, and also give a new lease of life to Pulau Tekukor, a Southern Island which has not been visited for more than a decade. More about the plan in a recent Straits Times article.
Joseph Lai's eart-h.com: nature in poetry; updates on issues; poignant thoughts to ponder; beautiful images of our very own natural heritage; and titbits on our treasures
Victor Yue's nature-singapore mailing list: the only discussion list for nature lovers. Sign up now to learn more and share your thoughts with other like-minded people. Also visit the site for PDA tours of our nature places that he is involved in.

Other links
Also check out the links on wildsingapore.com


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