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our wild cause: how will the $1,500 benefit Singapore and Singaporeans?

The wild adventure goes on!
Every Day is National Day
(my last posting)

My experience on the NDP moblog

wild regards: Dr Chua Ee Kiam's Sabah book is launched!

Chek Jawa guided walks: bookings open 1 Sep

our wild cause: an update
(as at 30 Aug)

new wild programme: wild forest activities
more details and how you can make a difference!

wild thought: youths of singapore speak up
your views are being sought! here's more on how to speak up for nature or any other issue close to your heart.

new wild programme: Ubin's oral history
more details and how you can make a difference!

International Coastal Cleanup Singapore, 18 Sep 04

wild rescue: Labrador Park Watch incident

Buy the New Paper today: Make your mark against drift nets

new wild programme: Labrador Park Watch
more details and how you can make a difference!

Should we release animals into our wild places?
share your thoughts about this practice and how we can work towards a solution

wild rescue: removing a drift net off Lazarus Island
An example of volunteer action...

Speaking up for nature in Singapore: why bother?
"The Government won't listen"
"They will do whatever they please no matter what we say"
"We will get into trouble if we speak up"
Indeed why bother? My responses to this...
posted 15/07/04 09:00

What is the value of our natural seashores?
(a personal letter submitted to the Ministry of Trade and Industry as part of their request for feedback on plans to develop the Southern Islands)

posted 08/07/04 00:24

How our wild places can build a stronger Singapore
(a personal letter submitted to the Remaking Singapore committee)
poasted 29/06/04 13:02

How can one person make a difference to nature in Singapore?
You can learn, share, speak up and act for nature.

poasted 28/06/04 09:43

Any wild places left in Singapore?
There's a lot more than you probably imagined. And many free activities such as guided walks for you to enjoy. Find out more...
posted 18/06/04 11:20

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