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The New Paper's Eco-Watch column later today (4 Aug) will have an interesting article about the daring drift net rescue featured earlier in this moblog. It is written by Jen Lee, a Chek Jawa volunteer guide who is passionate about having more eco-news in our local press.

So buy a copy of the New Paper to read more about the rescue and about the drift net situation in Singapore.

Why buy the New Paper to
read the Eco-Watch column?

As nature lovers, we frequently bemoan the fact that there isn't enough focus in the local press on nature and eco-issues.

Jen Lee is hoping to make the Eco-Watch column a regular one in the New Paper. You can support her effort by buying the paper when Eco- watch comes out.

Jen Lee would also like to add the following message "If you want to give any feedback, please email The Editor npops@sph.com.sg." Happy reading!

More about Jen Lee

More on how YOU can make a difference too...

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