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A gallery of photos of wild Singapore, as they were wildly taken. A quick first look.
Many photos are re-published on the wildsingapore website in their proper places, eventually...

peacock anemone, changi octopus, sentosa red egg crab, st. john's crab in sea pen, changi spider conch, lazarus

kusu: new nemo and cowrie! 29 Aug

sekudu: secret creatures and brittle stars 28 Aug

wildflowers 22 Aug

ubin forest:
butterflies and bugs 21 Aug

fabulous frogs and sleepy snake 20 Aug

fireflies and other forest jewels 18 Aug

colourful corals 17, 18 Aug 5am

forest gems:
a National Day special 9 Aug

sekudu: in full colour 4 Aug, 7am

tuas: frogfish! and other magical creatures 3 Aug, 7.30am

hantu: creatures in the rain 2 Aug, 4am

hantu: stonefish and mushroom corals 1 Aug, 4am

kusu: anemone friends 31 Jul, 3am

brittlestar sex? 30 Jul, 2am

blooming with peacock anemones and sea pens 20 Jul 04, 6am

octopus heaven!! 18 and 19 Jul 04, 5am

st. john's island:
rich reefs just across the city
17 Jul 04, 5am

recovering with lots of fishes and crabs 16 Jul, 3am

lazarus island:
spider conch on a lost shore? 6 Jul, 6am

sister islands:
marine spider and more corals 5 Jul, 5am

sisters islands:
fabulous reefs 3 Jul, 4am

changi beach:
beauty & the beast 2 Jul, 3am

changi beach:
secret hermit crab party? 1 Jul, 3am

nudibranchs galore! 21 Jun 04, 6am

marvellous anemones, hidden fishes 20 Jun 04, 5am

sentosa: octopus, corals and flatworm 19 Jun 04, 5am

changi beach: shrimp goby and other amazing animals 18 Jun 04, 5am

hard coral, sisters island knobbly sea star, sekudu sea urchin, changi hard coral, sentosa sea cucumbers, changi

these blog entries were first uploaded on MoBlog Singapore! Celebrate Singapore NDP 04
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