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wild photos: Changi 16 Jul 04, 3am
For the first time since December last year, I visited the stretch of shore between Changi Beach Club and Loyang. In December, the Changi Boardwalk was just finished, so the shore was rather affected.

Today, the shore is certainly recovering. There were plenty of little fishes and crabs, and life under the rocks is returning. However, the large bed of colonial anemones near Loyang have not reappeared (yet?). I was really touched by the two gentlemen fishermen who came to look for me after I disappeared into the dark for a while. See my MMS uploads for more.
click on photo for enlargement
Porcelain crab   Toadfish Fish Haflbeak
Porter crab   Goby Goby Fish
Crab Stone crab     Leaf fish
Swimming crab Swimming crab   Sponges Sea anemone
    Green mussels Cowrie Scutus

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