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  our wild cause: what's it about?
Based on our submission for the NDP blog-for-a-cause event

Our wild cause won the third prize in the blog-for-a-cause event.
How will the $1,500 benefit Singapore and Singaporeans?

Here's some comments supporting the cause
Progress of our projects (as of end Aug 04)
For more about the Southern Shores

Want to join our cause? email me or Blue Water Volunteers

What is our cause?
To support the volunteers for the Southern Shores of Singapore. For more about the Southern Shores.

Our cause is not specifically to recruit volunteers. We have volunteers already. What we need is financial support for the volunteers; for training costs (transport, materials) and to produce a guidesheet that will be used during the walks. Also to produce photos and for other materials for talks and other public education efforts for the Southern Shores. Currently, all these efforts are funded by the volunteers themselves.

How can our cause contribute to a more progressive Singapore?
Treasures by the shore The Southern Shores of Singapore are unique, beautiful and among the last unspoilt shores of Singapore. They are world-class shores with more to offer than most ordinary Singaporeans may realise.

What is the value of the Southern Shores in their natural state? How do they contribute to the soul of the nation, the character of Singaporeans and the kind of bonding that Singaporeans have with each other and with Singapore? More details at "What is the value of our natural seashores?"

See also the photo galleries on our Southern Shores of Singapore.

The Southern Shores, like Singapore's other natural wild places, have an important role in building a stronger Singapore. For more on "How our wild places can build a stronger Singapore"

Details of the Project that goes towards furthering our cause?

(description of what the project entails, what the money will be used for, etc.)

The Southern Shores face impending development.

As with Chek Jawa, a group of volunteers have gathered to introduce Singaporeans to their own Southern Shores in the short time while these shores are still available to us.
reefs by the city: view from St. John's Island

The immediate efforts planned include:

Volunteer guided walks on the Southern Shores which are planned for end 2004. Costs include transport for guides during training and for actual walks and for training materials. Currently, the only source of funds for these are volunteer funds. For more details of the planned guided walks and the Coral Reefs of Singapore website.

A guidesheet on the Southern Shores to be used during the guided walks. Currently, the only source of funds for this are volunteer funds.

Talks and exhibitions on the Southern Shores photos, other materials and equipment rental

If the Wild Lives Singapore blog wins the prize, the money will be used to fund these immediate efforts.

Other longer-term efforts for the Southern Shores include documentation of the Southern Shores for the following:

A guidebook on the Southern Shores to be published in 2005. This guidebook will be done in the same vein and spirit as the Chek Jawa guidebook (which was written and funded by volunteers of Chek Jawa in 2003). Like the Chek Jawa guidebook, the guide to the Southern Shores hopes to raise awareness of Singapore's amazing natural heritage. For more about the Chek Jawa guidebook.

A 12-part documentary on Singapore's shores, including the Southern Shores. This is a volunteer funded and manned film project that will span over two years, ending 2005. For more about the wildfilms project.

It should be added that the volunteers involved in the Southern Shores also work on other shores (such as Chek Jawa) as well as other nature issues in Singapore.

For more about the Southern Shores.

Want to join our cause? email me or Blue Water Volunteers

Rules and regulations
for the blog-for-a-cause event

our very own "Nemos" on Kusu Island

colourful hard corals on Kusu Island

butterflyfish on Sentosa

nudibranchs on Sentosa

colourful anemones on Kusu Island

swimming crab on Sisters Island

mushroom coral on Sisters Island

soft corals on Lazarus Island

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