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  our wild cause: what's happening?

What is our cause?
For more about the Southern Shores
Here's some supportive comments we received. Thank you!

Our wild cause won the third prize in the blog-for-a-cause event.
How will the $1,500 benefit Singapore and Singaporeans?

Want to join our cause? email me or Blue Water Volunteers

full view of this poster As the moblog period comes to a close, here is an update of our projects as of 30 Aug 04

Training has started for the Reef Walks:

For the guided walks of our Southern reefs, Blue Water Volunteers have started the second round of training of volunteer guides. These include classroom as well as field sessions. Costs are currently borne by the volunteers.

Reef Walks for the public are planned for
14 Nov (Sun) & 12 Dec (Sun)

For more details of the planned guided walks and the Coral Reefs of Singapore website.

Photo exhibitions:

A series of full-colour high-resolution photos showcasing the beauty of our Southern Shores are making their rounds. Some are being displayed at the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research and others will be used at upcoming public events. This is currently paid from personal funds. For examples of these posters.

We would be happy to put up the poster exhibition at any other event which would reach out to Singaporeans so that they can learn more this wonderful heritage of theirs. Do contact me at hello@wildsingapore.com

Guidesheet for the guided walks:
Progress has been sporadic as the moblog took up more time than I expected it would. This, however, should be ready when the first reef walks start at the end of the year. This will be paid from personal funds. (update: the guidesheet was published in Nov 05 more about the guidesheet)

Longer-term efforts to document the Southern Shores for a full-fledged guidebook and the wildfilms project to produce a 12-part documentary of Singapore's shores:

These have been going on at a relentless pace (as my mss uploads show :-) We have had a good season covering all the shores. Our focus on the Southern Shores has been particularly rewarding as we had (what we felt) a really good look at the wonders on these shores.

We've also been blessed with additional volunteers coming forward to offer professional services, as well as additional hands (and strong backs). All costs are current paid from personal funds.

For more about the Southern Shores

Want to join our cause? email me or Blue Water Volunteers
our very own "Nemos" on Kusu Island

colourful hard corals on Kusu Island

butterflyfish on Sentosa

colourful anemones on Kusu Island

soft corals on Lazarus Island

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