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  our wild cause: how will the $1,500 benefit Singapore and Singaporeans?

I have been informed by the organisers that the Wildlives blog won third prize in the blog-for-a-cause competition with 590 comments. Huziah got the highest number of comments at 3,781 and Camy (Radical) at 3,586.

The $1,500 will be passed on to Blue Water Volunteers who will use the money for training volunteer guides (mostly the cost of boat hire for on-site field training) and running free* guided walks of the reefs for the public.

The $1,500 will be enough to train the 50 volunteer guides currently on the programme. These guides will then be able to bring about 300 members of the public for guided walks on our Southern Shores, over an estimated 5 guiding dates in 2004 and the first half of 2005.

*The public will have to pay for their own transport to the reefs, but will not be charged for guiding services.
full view of this poster

What costs are involved to run these public walks?

The prize money will only help defray the cost of ferrying the guides from the mainland to the Southern Islands and some training costs. The 50 volunteer guides will have to pay all other costs on their own: e.g., take leave to attend the training sessions and conduct guiding; buy proper field gear; transport to and from the ferry point. Each guide is expected to attend about three field training sessions before they can lead a group. Trainers also put in time and expertise as well as pay their own way for field training sessions.

What do we get in return for these costs?

What does Singapore and do Singaporeans get?

The visitors who join these guided walks will enjoy a passionate introduction to the Southern Shores of Singapore. These shores are unique, beautiful and among the last unspoilt shores of Singapore. They are world-class shores with more to offer than most ordinary Singaporeans may realise. Visitors will see corals and other wildlife that are Singapore's very own. And learn more about them and how they can be protected for our children and their children.

What is the value of the Southern Shores in their natural state? How do they contribute to the soul of the nation, the character of Singaporeans and the kind of bonding that Singaporeans have with each other and with Singapore? More details at "What is the value of our natural seashores?"

The Southern Shores, like Singapore's other natural wild places, have an important role in building a stronger Singapore. For more on "How our wild places can build a stronger Singapore"

What do the volunteers get out of contributing their time and their heart and soul? For more about the fascinating benefits of working with and for nature in Singapore, review some of the stories of the 50 wild people who shared their motivations in this Wild Lives moblog.

What about the other elements of the cause? Other elements such as the photo exhibitions, guidesheets, guidebook and film production will continue with personal funds. More critical than funds is the contribution of time, ideas and heart and soul of the many dedicated volunteers involved in these projects.

Want to join our cause? email me or Blue Water Volunteers

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What is our cause?
Progress on our cause
(as at 30 Aug 04)
Here's some of the supportive comments we have received. Thank you!
our very own "Nemos" on Kusu Island

colourful hard corals on Kusu Island

butterflyfish on Sentosa

colourful anemones on Kusu Island

soft corals on Lazarus Island

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