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the wild adventure goes on!!
31/08/04 00:05
although this is my last entry
on the NDP 04 Moblog...
Every day is National Day!
To us wild people,
EVERY DAY is National Day :-)
We never cease celebrating our nation's wondrous natural treasures.
Our exciting work has been and
continues to go on regardless.
Join us on this adventure,
to learn and explore our wild places.
more details

my wild experience on the NDP moblog 30/08/04 23:59

our wild singapore: a look back at field trips 30/08/04 23:45

mms uploads: Pulau Hantu 30 Aug (Mon)

wild regards: Dr Chua Ee Kiam's Sabah book is launched! 30/08/04 00:17

Chek Jawa guided walks: bookings open 1 Sep 30/08/04 00:10

our wild singapore: a look back at guided walks 30/08/04 00:02

mms uploads: Kusu Island 29 Aug (Sun)

wild photos kusu:
new nemo and cowrie! 29/08/04 17:56

wild photos sekudu: secret creatures and brittle stars 28/08/04 15:25

our wild cause: an update 29/08/04 01:29

our wild singapore: a look back at our parks 29/08/04 01:18

mms uploads: Sekudu off Pulau Ubin 28 Aug (Sat)

wild people: a look back 28/08/04 00:21

Ria: just wild 28/08/04 00:09

your wild guess: weedy spiders? 28/08/04 00:05

mms uploads: Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research 27 Aug (Fri)

wild event: wayang performances at Ubin 27/08/04 10:45

wild staff at NParks 27/08/04 08:58

wild staff at Ubin 27/08/04 08:56

wild staff at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve
27/08/04 08:48

wild staff at Central Nature Reserve
27/08/04 08:44

wild staff at the Biodiversity Centre
27/08/04 08:42

your wild guess: spidery fruit? 27/08/04 08:40

mms uploads: Bedok Reservoir Park 26 Aug (Thu)

Subaraj: wild guide and naturalist 26/08/04 08:58

your wild guess: fruity fish? 26/08/04 08:54

mms uploads: Bishan Park 25 Aug (Wed)

Ai Lin: wild guide 25/08/04 08:40

your wild guess: see-through something? 25/08/04 08:41

mms uploads: Bukit Batok Nature Park 24 Aug (Tue)

wild photos: forest wildflowers 24/08/04 11:51

wild photos: ubin forest butterflies and bugs 24/08/04 11:49

Airani: wild guide 24/08/04 09:39

your wild guess: wormy coral? 24/08/04 09:32

mms uploads: Botanic Gardens Ecolake 23 Aug (Mon)

Raju: wild researcher 23/08/04 11:46

your wild guess: snaky frog? 23/08/04 11:16

mms uploads: Spider hunt at Central Nature Reserve 22 Aug (Sun)

Amy: wild researcher and volunteer guide 22/08/04 01:16

your wild guess:
blue who? 22/08/04 01:13

mms uploads: Spider hunt at Ubin 21 Aug (Sat)

call for youths to speak up: what's happening? 21/08/04 08:19

Robin: wild volunteer and stonefish sting survivor 21/08/04 00:47

your wild guess: prickly sea fruit? 21/08/04 00:40

wild photos: forest fabulous frogs and sleepy snake 21/08/04 00:34

mms uploads: Spider hunt at Central Nature Reserve 20 Aug (Fri)

wild programmes: do the wild thing in the forests! 20/08/04 09:33

Vilma: wild leader and educator 20/08/04 09:15

your wild guess: pricky body part? 20/08/04 09:12

mms uploads: Spider hunt at Central Nature Reserve 18 Aug (Wed)

wild photos central nature reserve fireflies and other forest jewels 19/08/04 18:44

wild photos sentosa colourful corals! 19/08/04 17:35

Cheng Puay: nature educator and volunteer 19/08/04 11:16

your wild guess: warm and furry colourful what? 19/08/04 08:59

mms uploads: Sentosa 17, 18 Aug (Tue-Wed)

Abigayle: wild researcher and volunteer 18/08/04 11:10

your wild guess: mouldy coral? 18/08/04 11:03

YOUR wild thoughts: youths of singapore speak up 17/08/04 17:10

Alan: wild guide and Father! 17/08/04 13:23

your wild guess: angry reptile? 17/08/04 13:19

mms uploads: Kent Ridge Park 16 Aug (Mon)

Norman: wild researcher and educator 16/08/04 00:21

your wild guess: white fluff? 16/08/04 00:19

new wild programme: recording Ubin's oral history 15/08/04 17:54

mms uploads: Bat Shoot 15 Aug (Sun)

mms uploads: Zoo Docent duty 15 Aug (Sun)

Edie: wild guide 15/08/04 07:48

your wild guess: clearly something, but what? 15/08/04 07:45

mms uploads: guided walk at the Botanic Gardens Rainforest Trail 14 Aug (Sat)

Adrian: wild spirited botanist 14/08/04 08:45

your wild guess: glow-in-the-dark something 14/08/04 08:43

mms uploads: Jurong Park 13 Aug (Thu)

Bee Choo & Morten: wild entrepreneurs 13/08/04 09:04

your wild guess: a creepy Friday the 13th special! 13/08/04 08:58

mms uploads: Marina City Park 12 Aug (Thu)

Jani: wild reef volunteer 12/08/04 09:23

your wild guess: scaly frog? 12/08/04 09:09

mms uploads: Guess Where? a winding road next to our forests 11 Aug (Wed)

Grant: wild Force of Nature 11/08/04 09:02

your wild guess: pimply slug? 11/08/04 08:58

mms uploads: Kallang Riverside Park 10 Aug (Tue)

Dionne: wild reef volunteer 10/08/04 08:41

your wild guess: batty squirrel? 10/08/04 08:33

wild photos forest gems a National Day special! 09/08/04 21:29

mms uploads: Spider hunt in the Central Nature Reserve 9 Aug (Mon)

Siva: Super-Natural 09/08/04 06:27

your wild guess: A National Day creature, that is all ours too! 09/08/04 06:19

mms uploads:
Walk at Pulau Ubin Part 1 | Part 2 8 Aug (Sun)

mms uploads: Guided walk at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve 8 Aug (Sun)

Joseph Koh: wild researcher, author, photographer, educator 08/08/04 07:47

your wild guess: starry worms? 08/08/04 07:45

mms uploads: Guided walk at Lower Peirce Boardwalk 7 Aug (Sat)

Angeline: wild volunteer leader and guide 07/08/04 00:00

your wild guess: bristely millipede? 06/08/04 23:53

mms uploads: Mount Faber Park 6 Aug (Fri)

Dr Chua Ee Kiam: simply wild - author, photographer, educator, guide
06/08/04 08:37

your wild guess:
spotty coral? 06/08/04 08:21

mms uploads:
Labrador Park Watch 5 Aug (Thu)

Ley Kun:
wild guide 05/08/04 00:17

your wild guess:
cuttley worm? 05/08/04 00:14

wild photos sekudu:
in colour 4 Aug, 7am

mms uploads:
Sekudu Field Trip 4 Aug (Wed)

Buy the New Paper today: to make your mark againt drift nets 04/08/04 00:29

Si Guim:
wild educator and wild guide 04/08/04 00:10

your wild guess: fluffy worms? 04/08/04 00:06

mms uploads:
Tuas Field Trip 3 Aug (Tue)

wild photos tuas: frogfish! and other magical creatures 3 Aug, 7.30am

Keith: wild guide extraordinaire 03/08/04 00:06

your wild guess: wormy shrimps? 03/08/04 00:03

mms uploads: Pulau Hantu Field Trip 2 Aug (Mon)

wild photos
creatures in the rain 2 Aug, 4am

Siew Chin: wild researcher and wild guide 02/08/04 12:09

your wild guess: shrimpy bug? 02/08/04 12:05

wild photos pulau hantu stonefish and mushroom corals 01/08/04 22:16

mms uploads: Pulau Hantu Field Trip and stonefish incident 1 Aug (Sun)

Pui San: wild artist, educator and guide 01/08/04 13:35

your wild guess: fruity anemone? 01/08/04 13:31

wild photos kusu island anemone friends 31/07/04 19:31

mms uploads: Kusu Island Field Trip 31 Jul (Sat)

Yandi: wild guide and wild thing 31/07/04 10:33

your wild guess: weedy snail? 31/07/04 10:28

mms uploads: Sekudu Field Trip 30 Jul (Fri)

wild photos sekudu brittlestar sex? 30/07/04 15:32

Beng Chiak: wild educator 30/07/04 14:42

your wild guess: fruity slug eggs? 30/07/04 14:32

mms uploads: Bukit Timah Nature Reserve 29 Jul (Thu)

New Wild Programme: Labrador Park Watch 29/07/04 11:42

Isaac: wild about nature 29/07/04 08:59

your wild guess: spidery crab? 29/07/04 08:57

should we release animals into our wild places? 28/07/04 10:21

Choon Beng: wild thing and wild about animals 28/07/04 09:35

your wild guess: green eggs? 28/07/04 09:29

mms uploads: Pearl's Hill City Park 27 Jul (Tue)

Nick Baker: wild webmaster, photographer and leader 27/07/04 10:07

your wild guess:
a slow rat? 27/07/04 09:57

mms uploads: MacRitchie Reservoir Park and Turtle Study 26 Jul

wild rescue: removal of drift net at Lazarus Island 26/07/04 17:50

Jacqueline: wild guide and volunteer leader 26/07/04 08:50

your wild guess: a fruity sea urchin? 26/07/04 08:46

mms uploads: Sneak peek at the Tree Top Walk, Central Nature Reserve 25 Jul

Alvin Lee: volunteer consultant to wildfilms 25/07/04 00:40

your wild guess: snaky fish? 25/07/04 00:35

mms uploads: Chek Jawa Transect Party 24 Jul

mms uploads: Walk at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve and party! 24 Jul 04

mms uploads: Guided walk at Chek Jawa 24 Jul

Mindy: wild guide and wild leader 24/07/04 06:01

your wild guess:
a blue snail? 24/07/04 05:56

mms uploads: Nature's Niche Bookshop at Botanic Gardens 23 Jul

mms uploads:
Botanic Gardens Rainforest Trail 23 Jul

wild guide and wild teacher 23/07/04 09:14

your wild guess:
a froggy insect? a fishy snake? 23/07/04 08:59

mms uploads: Clementi Woods Park plus explanation of woodball! 22 Jul

Chay Hoon:
wild guide and wild thing 22/07/04 09:45

your wild guess:
whiskery flower? 22/07/04 09:33

mms uploads:
Telok Blangah Hill Park 21 Jul

mms uploads:
Pasir Ris shore and Pasir Ris Park 21 Jul

David Tan:
nature photographer and educator 21/07/04 11:16

your wild guess:
ferny coral? feathery anemone? 21/07/04 11:00

mms uploads:
Changi shore and Changi Beach Park 20 Jul
wild photos changi:
blooming with peacock anemones and sea pens
20 Jul 04, 6am 20/07/04 16:08

Jen Lee:
wild guide and communicator 20/07/04 12:32

your wild guess:
a squirrelly cat? spotted rat? 20/07/04 12:29

mms uploads: Sentosa 19 Jul
wild photos sentosa: octopus heaven!!
19/07/04 19:15

Tom Chong: wildfilms director and wild guide 19/07/04 15:13

your wild guess: marbled flower snake? 19/07/04 15:05

mms uploads: West Coast Park 19 Jul

Kwok Wai: wild photographer and web master 18/07/04 10:28

your wild guess: a fishy frog? 18/07/04 10:25

mms uploads: Bollywood Veggies 18 Jul

mms uploads: What happens after a field trip 18 Jul

mms uploads: Sentosa 18 Jul

mms uploads: St. John's Island 17 Jul
wild photos st. john's island:
rich reefs just across the city
17 Jul 04, 5am 17/07/04 23:07

Zeehan: fearlessly wild about our shores 17/07/04 10:36

your wild guess:
spidery beetle? 17/07/04 10:33

mms uploads:
Changi 16 Jul
wild photos changi:
recovering with lots of fishes and crabs
16 Jul, 3am 16/07/04 17:12

mms uploads: Secret Park 15 Jul

Tse-Lynn: Blue Water Volunteer for the Southern Shores 15/07/04 09:04

speak up for nature in Singapore: why bother?
15/07/04 09:00

mms uploads:
Fort Canning Park 14 Jul

your wild guess:
weedy starfish? 15/07/04 08:05

Dr Paolo:
rescuing monkeys AND a Southern Island 14/07/04 06:07

your wild guess:
a flowery fish? 14/07/04 06:04

mms uploads: Labrador Park 13 Jul

wild guide and wild thing 13/07/04 16:44

your wild guess:
a wormy snail? A fishy coral? 13/07/04 16:39

how to view my MMS logs 13/07/04 16:16

mms uploads:
Kent Ridge Park 12 Jul

your wild guess:
a spidery flower? 12/07/04 10:34

what is the value of our natural seashores?
12/07/04 09:31

mms uploads: Guided walk at MacRitchie Prunus Trail 11 Jul

your wild guess:
a batty cat? a flying squirrel? 11/07/04 14:28

Joseph Lai: Nature pathfinder 11/07/04 14:16

mms uploads: Guided walk at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve 10 Jul

mms uploads: Guided walk at Chek Jawa 8 Jul

about our wild cause
08/07/04 00:16

mms uploads:
Guided walk at Chek Jawa 7 Jul

wild photos lazarus island:
spider conch on a lost shore?
6 Jul, 6am 06/07/04 23:17

wild photos sister islands:
marine spider and more corals
5 Jul, 5am 06/07/04 00:06

wild about Chek Jawa: volunteers at the CJ transect 2004 05/07/04 00:36

wild photos sisters islands:
fabulous reefs
3 Jul, 4am 04/07/04 14:40

wild photos changi beach:
beauty & the beast
2 Jul, 3am 02/07/04 21:08

wild photos changi beach:
secret hermit crab party?
1 Jul, 3am 02/07/04 17:07

your wild guess: a fishy flower? 30/06/04 15:28

Low Kok Leong:
wild guide and wildfilms crew 29/06/04 12:42

how can one person make a difference to nature in Singapore? 28/06/04 09:43

Victor Yue: moderator, nature mailing lists and pioneer of PDA-based nature tours 28/06/04 09:22

Tan Yang Kuang: wild guide and first to set up HDB hostel 26/06/04 10:59

what is wild lives about?
23/06/04 08:38

wild photos sentosa:
nudibranchs galore!
21 Jun 04, 6am 22/06/04 17:02

wild photos sekudu:
marvellous anemones, hidden fishes
20 Jun 04, 5am 21/06/04 15:55

wild photos sentosa: octopus, corals and flatworm
19 Jun 04, 5am 21/06/04 11:13

wild photos changi beach: shrimp goby & other amazing animals
18 Jun 04, 5am 19/06/04 10:32

Any wild places left in Singapore? 18/06/04 11:20

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