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  new wild programme: Labrador Park Watch

Here's your chance to make a BIG difference! Instantly!

Mindy is leading a new project to literally keep a watch on the shore of our only marine reserve at Labrador Park. Here's what she says about the programme.

view of labrador shoreWhy a Park Watch at Labrador?
Labrador beach may not be the most diverse or healthiest of Singapore's shores, but it is the only one one on the mainland with hard corals and a natural rocky shore.

During low tide, however, there has been collection and abuse of the shore. Notably fish hobbyists. This degrades the rocky intertidal area further, preventing its eventual recovery.

When I was at Labrador with some volunteers on the 5th June 2004 (Saturday) to Labrador at 6.45am, we saw a couple collecting some shellfish with their nets, despite the fact that there were signs prohibiting collection of any form of marine life at the beach.

We spoke to them explaining the Park Watch programme and their effort to conserve our marine ecosystem at Labrador. We suggested that they should not be collecting such marinelife . But they retorted "there is not much marine life there anyway". We then replied "all the more you should not be collecting them." The couple didn't look too pleased but they put the shellfish back.

I feel there's a long way to go in terms of educating members of the public, in terms of leaving our marine life alone and letting them flourish. The public needs to know and they need to know now! Hence, the Labrador Park Watch programme.

Are we over-reacting? I don't think so...
Mindy's effort happened none too soon! On 1 Aug, they stopped some people from removing corals from the shore: here's the story with photos.

What role can volunteers play in this issue?

The main role of park watch volunteers is to prevent the collection of marine life without a permit and thereby maintaining the viability of the intertidal community at Labrador Park. This will be done primarily by raising their awareness of the beauty of marine life, the importance of its continued survival and conservation and the role the public can play in Labrador's preservation.

What is required of the volunteers?
Just turn up during low tide and we will guide you on what you have to do.

Not only will you be making a difference, but you also will get to enjoy a quiet view of the shoreline and possibly a glorious sunrise!

When are the duty dates? How to sign up?
Please email Mindy at lpw_volunteers@yahoo.com.sg for more details.

For more about Mindy
Labrador Park and what the Labrador Park shore can be.
About the Park Watch in the news: Straits Times article, 26 Jan 05
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sea anemone

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