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mms upload for 1 Aug (Sun)

01/08/04 01:31 Hantu Field Trip #1: Before we begin the field trip, Alvin introduces us to the Fine Art of Sucking Coffee Through Tim Tams. Tim Tams (we found out) were no longer available for sale in Singapore. We had to get ours from Malaysia. I suspect Tim Tams are no longer sold here due to some mishap with sucking coffee through them. But we all survived the episode, more or less unharmed.
01/08/04 02:26 Hantu Field Trip #2: Here we are at West Coast Pier waiting to start off. With ALL our gear.
01/08/04 02:43 Hantu Field Trip #3: The West Coast Pier boat folks all sleep at their desks...the price of a 24-hour operation I guess.
01/08/04 03:19 Hantu Field Trip #4: We are most impressed by the super strong search light of our boat...here lighting up the jetty as we land...
01/08/04 07:32 Hantu Field Trip #5: Just as the sunrises over Hantu... an emergency...
01/08/04 07:34 Hantu Field Trip #6: Robin stepped on a stonefish so rushing him to hospital now. He is in severe pain. His foot is swelling up and pain is shooting up his leg. I am getting very nervous...
Posted by yman Posted on 01/08/04 21:50
Oh dear, poor fella Robin, I hope you have fully recovered by now. Pray that this was not a Reef Stonefish. It is one most venomous fish in the world.

A Stonefish is called partly because it looks like a stone. The other reason that it literally gets your "stoned" by its venon.

Perhaps it may be advisable or even mandatory to wear booties lined with thicker rubber soles to prevent stepping on dangerous creatures, broken bottles, or floatsom with rusty nails.

Posted by Ria Posted on 01/08/04 22:26
We all wear rubber booties with thick soles on our field trips. There are very few things that can get through these: stingrays and stonefish being some of them. Robin is fine and he is now under 24-hour observation at the hospital. Thanks for your kind concern.
01/08/04 07:57 Hantu Field Trip #7: Got Robin safely to hospital. Waited and waited for an hour before some banging on the table got some news about Robin. He was stabilised when I finally got to see him.
01/08/04 10:00 Hantu Field Trip #8: We are alarmed to discover that stonefish spines can penetrate our booties.
01/08/04 10:07 Hantu Field Trip #9: We desperately review books about dangerous animals we might step on on our field trips...
01/08/04 10:13 Hantu Field Trip #10: Here is what the stonefish looks like. We will now respect all stones for they could fish!
01/08/04 10:14 Hantu Field Trip #11: And what the spine looks like... ouch.
01/08/04 10:15 Hantu Field Trip #12: Other dangerous things include Cone snails. This is why we should collects shells from the beach. The more beautiful, the larger, the nicer, the more lethal could be...
Posted by yman Posted on 01/08/04 21:41
Pardon me reading with undue caution over these words of warning. Shouldn't it be prhased as "That is why we SHOULD NOT collect shells ..." For a minute I thought the intended pun was to advise people collect the Cone snail, and them watch them writhe in pain as a painful lesson to learn. Yes there are many colourful and innocent looking creatures in the shores. Thai construction workers are notorious for combing the beach to hunt for seafood during low tides. There were many stories around that they were poisoned after eating their pick of the day. So take heed of these warnings and be safe.

Posted by Ria Posted on 01/08/04 22:24 Oops...thanks for the correction. See, that's what happens after a field trip...lack of muscular co-ordination :-) But your idea of the pun (intended) is also good...hmmm...
01/08/04 10:59 Hantu Field Trip #13 (last): After calling Robin at the hospital to make sure he was OK, we dedicated these two tubs of icecream to his speedy recovery. We are proof that icecream cures all ills!

Gallery of photos that I took today at Hantu

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