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  wild people: Si Guim

Si Guim must be among the most well-known faces of nature in Singapore. Among the few people who conduct walks to the most special wild places in Singapore, he is also very active in the Nature Society (Singapore)'s educational outreach and training programmes.

A walk with Si Guim is a joyful discovery of our natural heritage, and thoughtful exploration of the issues surrounding them.

Si Guim works quietly and tireless with all groups, to share nature with everyone. Despite his enormous commitments to work and the Nature Society (Singapore), he still makes the time to be a regular volunteer guide at Chek Jawa. Here is more about Si Guim's experiences at Chek Jawa.

I am humbled by Si Guim's vast knowledge of our wild places and his generous heart and tenacious commitment to share it with others.

Here is more about Si Guim in his own words ...

How did you first get involved in working for nature in Singapore?
I graduated with a degree in Biological Sciences. I joined Nature Society (Singapore), helping in its efforts to raise the awareness level of Singaporean on Nature and the Environment. In the course of work and getting to know people, got to realise that not many people are aware about nature and even much less is known about our very own nature. So we really have to 'work' to make nature appreciated for what it is really worth by as much people as possible.

What do you get out of working for nature? I like being out there, its nature's midst. I like to bring people out and let them experience for themselves what nature can offer,naturally, without our asking. One is free to receive what nature can provide. All we need to do is to show due respect.

What is your approach/personal motto in your work?
Chief Seattle:
Man did not weave the Web of Life.
He is merely a part of it.
Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.

I like this quotation from the great chief, who sees that we are part of the great picture and missing pieces would make the picture incomplete, meaningless and dysfunctional. Very simply, we must not cut our own lifeline.

What are some of your current projects?
My activities are mainly reaching out to people, point the way and enlighten people whose life and mind are caught up in modern day hustle and bustle. Get them off the mainroads and see the other denizens that share with us the face of our planet.

This is ever on-going tasks. I discovered two nesting sites White-bellied Sea eagles. Since December last year and June this year, each pair have successfully raised two chicks. We have in our midst four new eagles! A good year! Here is Si Guim's photo of the eagles.

Si Guim is in his 40s and and his fulltime job is as a Perfusionist, which is an allied healthcare professional that is involve in life support during heart surgery. He is a very active member of the Nature Society (Singapore), volunteering as trainer, guide and educator. He is also a regular Chek Jawa volunteer guide.
Posted by otterman Posted on 10/08/04 10:45
Si Guim actually got me guiding - he asked me along on a trip to Pulau Ubin for his then fellow-SGH staff in 1990. He asked everyone to open their eyes to nature and not lose themselves in chatter! I thought that was quite forward - but he was confident of what Ubin woud showcase. Turned out, they were extremely interested in our stories and everyone was good humoured and enjoyed themselves thoroughly. I knew I would easily guide again!

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