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  wild event: wayang at Ubin

Wayang performances at Ubin

on 30 and 31 Aug (Mon, Tue)

Traditionally, as part of the celebrations of Seventh or Hungry Ghost Month, wayang performances are held at the Ubin wayang stage in the centre of Ubin Town.

This is NOT a special performance put up for the public, but a part of the way of life of the residents of Ubin. Thus, the performances are not organised "conveniently" on a weekend :-)

Here is a chance to take part in a dying tradition. Take a bumboat there and enjoy what may be the last of these performances.

wild facts: Major traditional Chinese events follow the lunar calendar, i.e., they match the tides. In my efforts to document the intertidal shores, I too have matched my life to the tides. In fact, our bodies are also affected by the gravitational effects that cause the tides. Women's monthly cycles, for example, match the tides. Isn't it wonderful to be in synch with a natural timeless rhythm. Something we sometimes forget, in the rush of our daily urban lives.

More details...
For more about Ubin and how to get there.
More about tides and what causes them.
Efforts to document the oral history of Ubin residents.

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Photos by Ria

Posted by kllow14 Posted on 27/08/04 11:55 The stage is a beauty. Always when we are at Ubin for volunteer activities. It only presents an empty stage.

Posted by grayowl Posted on 27/08/04 17:11 I think Ubin has many treasures and apart from natural heritage, this is another heritage of what Singapore was, some 3-4 decades ago? Won't it be fun for Singaporeans to flock to Ubin to watch a wayang and enjoy the makan-kecil that used to be associated with wayangs. (^^) Maybe NParks and STB could put up a calendar of events or is there a group like "friends of Ubin"? Yes the Ubin documentation group. (^^)

Posted by Ria Posted on 27/08/04 19:13
Fabulous thoughts and ideas. I'll be sure to forward it to those who might be able to make it happen!

Posted by hoppiesg Posted on 28/08/04 15:06 thanks for promoting the happenings in Ubin. I am completely out of touch. Didn't know there could be anything interesting there. true. it's a dying tradition.... i truly miss the kampong life in the early days of singapore. i remember those experiences i had when i was young, so fun and carefree...hope the govt. would preserve some of it. nowadays you can only experience such kampung living in malaysia.

Posted by Ria Posted on 28/08/04 16:05
Kampung living is still very much alive and well on Ubin. Do visit the island and see for yourself. A slow Sunday on Ubin can truly revujenate you for the work week ahead. When the tide releases me, I often like to spend Sunday afternoon with some of the regulars and residents there.

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