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wild thoughts: my experience on the NDP moblog
Intro | have the objectives of the NDP blog-for-a-cause been met?
technical and support issues
| what Real Bloggers think about the NDP blog

It was generally Great FUN!
Mostly, I had a great time. The moblog was an opportunity to share the wonderful wild people I have met, and the fascinating wild places I visit. I was also hoping there would be discussions on nature issues among both oldtimers and newcomers to nature. With everyone sharing views and learning from each other.

Just learning more about my wild friends has been wonderful. I realise now that I am priviledged to be in the company of people so full of heart and spirit.

It also gave me a great excuse to visit many of our lovely parks and share what I saw. Something I've always wanted to do but never found the reason to. It was fun to be able to upload pictures immediately of these and other marvelous places that I visited.

And chatting with everyone who dropped a comment was most rewarding.

THANK YOU everyone!
I am deeply touched by the wonderful support from friends, new and old. Your encouraging words and joyful participation kept me going. I thank you all, each and every one.

Many people contributed valuable viewpoints and information to the blog, adding depth to the entries. These have been downloaded to the web version so others can continue to enjoy and learn from these entries.

In particular, I would like to thank yman for sharing many delightful and informative comments; and otterman and grayowl for sharing stories about almost every person featured on the moblog; voyager, himawari and kklow14 for almost daily entries that added colour to the events and entries (I especially appreciate their creative efforts to distract in the "your wild guess" section :-); and many others who contributed personal thoughts about the wild people and issues featured.

HostSara gave great support, by entering comments, and trying to generate chat room sessions. Other bloggers were also very supportive, and I am especially glad to have met EckKheng who has really helped me get through this moblog period. Yoke Ching was as helpful as she could be and put up with lots of irritating comments and questions.

Every day is National Day!
Our cause has been going on way before the blog, and will continue long after. To us, EVERY DAY is National Day :-) We never cease celebrating our nation's wondrous natural treasures.

Everything we wild people do is about winning hearts for the generations to come.

If the blog gave Singaporans a glimpse of our wild places and succeeded in turning hearts towards appreciating them, I feel well rewarded.

Thank you!

In the spirit of constructive suggestions to improve the moblog, I have outlined some of the serious technical and support issues I faced, and my disconcertions with the blog-for-a-cause competition as it developed. Have the objectives of the NDP blog-for-a-cause been met?. I have documented these on the web version of the blog in the hope that these issues can be dealt with and improved for the next moblog.

(Written 30 Aug 04)

these blog entries were first uploaded on MoBlog Singapore! Celebrate Singapore NDP 04
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